Announcing Recycled Fish “On Ice” 2009

 Dec 3rd, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Council Bluffs, Iowa – December 2, 2008 – With winter weather settling in across the “ice belt,” the minds of people who love to fish turns from the long rods of summer to short poles and holes in the ice on frozen lakes. And across the upper Midwest, anglers on hard water will be met by the second annual Recycled Fish “On Ice” Tour.
“We love going where the anglers are,” says Teeg Stouffer, Executive Director. “Ice fishing is one of the fastest growing parts of fishing, and we always have a great time on the lakes with ice fishermen.”
The centerpiece of the Recycled Fish “On Ice” tour is the Angler Hospitality Station. At ice fishing derbies and tournaments, anglers come inside the heated tent and warm up at a hand warming station, get free Grabber handwarmers to take back out on the ice, and enjoy a free cup of coffee or hot chocolate.
“While they’re in the hospitality station, we invite anglers to take our ‘Sportsman’s Stewardship Pledge’,” says Stouffer. “Our lifestyle runs downstream, so while things that we do on the water – things like catch and release fishing or cleaning up trash on the ice – matter very much, so do the things we do every day, like how we care for our lawns or whether or not we use low-flow shower heads.”
The Sportsman’s Stewardship Pledge engages, educates and equips anglers to live a lifestyle of stewardship through a free membership to Recycled Fish.
It’s making a difference. In the first year for the “On Ice” tour (Winter 2007 / 2008) Recycled Fish helped distribute bags filled with water which anglers used to transport fish to derby weigh-ins. This kept fish in the environment they like best – under water. The result was fish survival rates of up to 85% and education of thousands of anglers on better catch and release practices.
Bags that weren’t used for fish transportation were used for lake cleanup, effectively enlisting every person as a custodian of the lake.
“We’re proud that event organizers last year told us it was the best year in the history of their events in terms of leaving the lake clean and pristine,” said Stouffer. “We hope to distribute even more bags this year.”
“Even people who can’t make one of our tour stops can participate,” said Stouffer. “Visit our website and sponsor 25 fish. For just a $5 donation, you’ll be responsible for helping keep 25 fish alive or cleaning up 25 gallons of trash this winter by funding the purchase of 25 bags.”
Recycled Fish is also proud to announce its partnership with Ice Team for 2009. “Ice Team Power Sticks are the elite professionals of ice fishing, headed up by Dave Genz – the undisputed pioneer of modern ice fishing,” said Stouffer. “Not only that, but Ice Team represents the greatest products in ice fishing, from Clam shelters to Strikemaster Ice Augers and the other host of brands and products associated with Ice Team. We’re proud to have them standing with us for stewardship of our frozen lakes and streams.”
The Recycled Fish “On Ice” tour kicks off at the St. Paul Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show this weekend (December 5-7) in St. Paul, Minnesota. For a full schedule of Recycled Fish “On Ice” events, visit the website at www.RecycledFish.org.
Recycled Fish is the non-profit organization of anglers living a lifestyle of stewardship on and off the water. The Recycled Fish “On Ice” tour is sponsored by Grabber Handwarmers, Ice Team, Folger’s Coffee Singles and concerned anglers from across North America.

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