LOTW Fish House Removal March 31st, Keep It Clean Group asks anglers to

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The Keep It Clean group is asking anglers to “do your part”.  This year especially with so much ice, there is still some great ice fishing to be had.  With that being said, March 31st marks the last day fish houses on Lake of the Woods can be left unattended overnight.  With a mass exodus of fish houses coming off the lake ice over the next week, there is sure to be other remnants as in debris, garbage and other undesirable materials left behind.

This could be called an exercise in ethics or environment or character.  The Keep It Clean group (along with everyone who cares about Lake of the Woods) is asking anglers to not only do your part, but help out a neighbor if they have not done their part or perhaps didn’t realize debris was left behind.
If you could throw any garbage or other debris in your truck and simply drop it off at one of the many Keep It Clean dumpsters located around the lake, your efforts will certainly be appreciated and if you believe in the law of reciprocity, somehow paid back!
Keep It Clean dumpsters are currently located at:
-Wheeler’s Point public access
-Cyrus Resort
-Zippel Bay Resort
-Rocky Point Resort
-Swift Ditch
-Springsteel Resort
Once again, dumpsters are provided for anglers coming off of the ice to dispose of their trash.  Please note, these dumpsters are not for household or business items such as tires, old TV’s, mattresses, etc.  Resorts and sleeper fish house outfitters are required to remove their trash as a cost of doing business.  The dumpster program is meant for anglers coming off of the ice, not businesses.  Compliance to keeping the dumpsters free of “extra cost” items will allow this beneficial program to continue.

If you fish Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River, no doubt you probably have experienced some amazing fishing, scenery and wildlife that makes this area so special.  As special as this natural resource is, it can also be at risk if we don’t do our part in limiting debris.  Every piece of wood, plastic bag from minnows, wrapper that blew away or aluminum can of your favorite beverage has a negative effect on Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River.  Because it all matters, Keep It Clean was created and is on it’s 5th season.

Please do your part.  Plekeep-it-clean-front-of-brochurease pick up after others.  Together, let’s keep Lake of the Woods clean.
Description: Keep It Clean is an organization which was created by a group of local stakeholders including:
-Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau
-MN DNR Fisheries and Enforcement
-Lake of the Woods Soil and Water Conservation District
-Roseau Soil and Water Conservation District
-Lake of the Woods CountyFish houses, Lake of the Woods
-Friends of Zippel Bay State Park
Mission Statement:
Keep It Clean was created to protect, maintain and promote cleanliness for the beautiful landscape, water resources and shorelines of Lake of the Woods as a special place for everyone to visit and enjoy.
Check out this quick video about Keep It Clean at Lake of the Woods.
Keep It Clean dumpsters for trash removal:
Beginning mid-December, there will be 7 dumpsters located along the south shore of Lake of the woods at strategic locations convenient for ice anglers. Locations include two dumpsters at the Wheeler’s Point Access (this is placed for the Adrian’s Resort road), Cyrus Resort, Zippel Bay Resort, Arnesen’s Rocky Point,  Babbler’s Road, Swift Ditch, the Point in Warroad and at Springsteel.
Keep It Clean recent highlights prior to this ice season:
-Over 2,000 Keep It Clean stickers distributed to local businesses
-45 Keep It Clean signs placed
-A robust PR campaign to get the word out
-Over 30 miles of shoreline clean up with the assistance of the MN Conservation Corps and the MN DNR
-7 County dumpsters placed strategically at popular ice road accesses
-4 County dumpsters placed strategically for spring fishing
-Dumpsters dumped hundreds of times totaling about 90 tons of garbage per year
Arnesen’s sleeper fish house, Lake of the WoodsIce anglers on Lake of the Woods are encouraged to collect all garbage and remove it from the ice and dispose of it in the dumpsters provided. This is to help keep garbage and waste out of the lake when the ice melts in the spring months.
Community members participate in a yearly clean up along some of the shores, and the goal is to lessen the amount of garbage and keep Lake of the Woods clean.  A big “Thank You” to everyone who has picked up garbage, whether it is yours or someone else’s, for those who have contributed and donated to this program and for everyone who has done anything to Keep It Clean.
More info on the Keep It Clean program at http://lakeofthewoodsmn.com/keep-clean/

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