Turners With The Win On Grenada Lake – Crappie Masters

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Crappie Masters Grenada Lake Day Two final weigh in

Grenada Lake final weigh in

Posted by Crappie Masters on Saturday, March 23, 2019

Congratulations to Paul and Elizabeth Turner on their win at Grenada Lake. Two day total weight of 33.24 pounds. Winners of $7760.00 which included the $500.00 E10 bonus for using E10 fuel in their boat. Paul Turners says he has always used a 10% ethanol blend in his boats and all other vehicles and small engines and never has had a problem.

Grenada Lake:
2nd place: Robert Carlile and Craig Nichols

3rd place: Barry Morrow and Chad Maupin

Big Fish: Wade Recker and Matt Mavigliano at 2.98

Adult/Youth Division Winners: Brandon Fulgham and Jake Hood

Photos and videos courtesy of Crappie Masters

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