Turners With The Win On Grenada Lake – Crappie Masters

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 Mar 24th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  525

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Crappie Masters Grenada Lake Day Two final weigh in

Congratulations to Paul and Elizabeth Turner on their win at Grenada Lake. Two day total weight of 33.24 pounds. Winners of $7760.00 which included the $500.00 E10 bonus for using E10 fuel in their boat. Paul Turners says he has always used a 10% ethanol blend in his boats and all other vehicles and small engines and never has had a problem.

Grenada Lake:
2nd place: Robert Carlile and Craig Nichols

3rd place: Barry Morrow and Chad Maupin

Big Fish: Wade Recker and Matt Mavigliano at 2.98

Adult/Youth Division Winners: Brandon Fulgham and Jake Hood

Photos and videos courtesy of Crappie Masters

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