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Bemidji, MN – A look inside the box of the average trout and salmon angler reveals an array of spoons patterned a lot like Christmas tree ornaments—lots of crazy purple, orange, pink and green. For decades, these baits haven’t changed much—no new features, enhancements or innovations beyond an occasional new gob of paint. In spite of their antiquated appearance, the lures actually do catch fish. Which all points to one very interesting question: How many fish would you catch using a radical new trolling spoon that both looked and swam like the actual prey eaten by gamefish? Tie on the new LIVE-FORAGE® FLUTTER SPOON and receive the drag-screamin’ answer. Meaning, hang on…
The complete opposite of spoons that are about as tasty to fish as the eye-sore kaleidoscopes they’re painted to resemble, the new LIVE-FORAGE® FLUTTER SPOON actually looks alive, wearing the colors, scales and tails of natural baitfish. Imagine, a spoon that looks and swims exactly like it should— just like “live forage.” The LIVE-FORAGE® FLUTTER SPOON is part of Northland’s new Replica Series™ of minnow imitating spoons that wiggle and wobble to entice gamefish with natural, fluttering, wounded baitfish action. The LIVE-FORAGE® FLUTTER SPOON is stamped with lightweight brass and sports a lifelike metal KickerTail Fin™ that flashes, snaps and clatters to lure fish from a wide radius. Like a live baitfish, it features a sparkling “holographic” FlashFoil™ body with LIVE-FORAGE® HD Fish-Photo-Image™ patterns that “match-the-hatch” and replicate a baitfish minnow to perfection. This baitfish image spoon is deadly for trolling up big salmon, trout, steelhead, lakers, walleye and northern pike.
“These new LIVE-FORAGE® FLUTTER SPOONS are real game-changers,” says TEAM NORTHLAND™ Pro-Staff Butch Furtman. “Trolling spoons haven’t changed much for years, but these new lures are different. They have all the right looks and moves for taking the trolling game to the next level. Especially in the ever-clearing waters of the Great Lakes, these ultra-realistic LIVE-FORAGE® baitfish patterns give me an incredible advantage over king-size trout, salmon and steelhead. I can run a full spread of natural Alewife patterns and mimic an entire school of bait. Or I can mix and match a few Perch patterns with Smelt, Herring and Rainbow Trout—and let the fish tell me what they want. The KickerTail™ Fin really gives the spoon an enhanced vibration and action that fish haven’t seen in a lure. This is just an awesome new trolling spoon.”
LIVE-FORAGE® BAITS are the result of two years of intensive research, design, testing and the use of new Digital Imaging Technology. These technological advances have resulted in a groundbreaking new Replica Series™ of lifelike, natural ‘high definition’ fishing lures. Featuring only premium VMC Cone-Cut® treble hooks, the LIVE-FORAGE® FLUTTER SPOON is available in three sizes and seven natural baitfish image color patterns.
For more information and a 2011 catalog, contact Northland Fishing Tackle® Inc., 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN  56601. Phone is (218) 751-6723 or email us at [email protected]  Website is www.northlandtackle.com.

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