Fun to catch and delicious to eat for fish and fisherman

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 May 19th, 2011 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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You say “crawdad,” I say “crayfish.” “Crayfish, crawdad…let’s call the whole thing ON!” Little lobsters of the lakes, crayfish are one of the most appealing foodstuffs to a wide array of fish species. No-brainer with largemouth and smallmouth bass. Walleyes chew them like gum during the summer molt. Even panfish – bluegills, crappies and perch – munch on juvenile, appetizer sized crayfish. Why else would virtually every lure on the market come in a crawdad pattern?
This widespread craving for crawfish makes them a premium livebait offering, too. Better yet, they’re one of the easiest natural forage species to capture, as you’ll see in this video. Heck, on the fun scale, trapping crayfish ranks right up there with sticking the hooks to a hog bass.

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But not every crawdad trapper does so for fishing purposes. The pincer-predators are also the pivotal piece in many recipes, especially on Cajun menus. So get the water boiling and pails prepped – one for seasoned crawdads and the other for ice cold beverages.

Check State and Local regulations before trapping, tansporting, or using crayfish for bait!


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