Zoneloc on Tour: Jay Yelas, the boss

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 Jul 20th, 2017 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Ah, the life of a professional bass angler. The fantasy gig of so many wannabe pros out there. Well, if you have the mad skills of an angler such as Zoneloc pro Jay Yelas, and can win the Bassmaster Classic and Angler of the Year titles on both major circuits, then go for it!

Seriously though, Yelas has been around for decades and has seen it all in pro bass fishing. So, what gets Jay moving the most with his career? Well, he shared his three favorite things about being a pro bass angler in this week’s Zoneloc on Tour. Check it out.

Jay Yelas and a couple of coworkers. (Joel Shangle/BassFIRST)


“Fishing is something I’ve always been passionate about,” said Yelas. “I’m also gifted at doing it. Being a pro angler allows me to do what I love for a living.

“Every day when I wake up, there is nothing I would rather do than go fishing.”

The people.

“Some of the best people in the world love to fish,” said Yelas. “I have met so many wonderful friends through fishing over the years. Quality people that are a pleasure to share life with.”


“Being your own boss is a very pleasant way to do life,” said Yelas. “I set my own schedule and am solely responsible for my success or failure.

“No boss, no fellow employees, and no teammates to limit what I can do. This can have its disadvantages, but all in all it is something I enjoy.”

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