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 Sep 13th, 2012 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Brent Chapman has become one of the top pros on the Bassmaster Elite Series over the last few seasons. Brent cemented his star status by winning the 2012 Bassmaster Angler of the Year (AOY) title.

Brent Chapman (Photo BassFIRST)

So, does a top pro kick off his season having a gut feeling about the AoY title? According to Chapman, no.

“Deep down you hope you will do well enough to win an event, make the Classic or have a shot at Angler of the Year,” said Chapman. “But really, it’s such an uphill battle; you have no idea when the season starts.

“For me, I started to think it was a small possibility about half way through the season. I was taking baby steps and sticking with what I was doing. After we were finished with the Wisconsin events, I knew it might happen.”

Chapman will be competing in the Bassmaster All-Star event next week in Illinois. Expectations are high, but the pressure is off.

“This will be my first time at the All-Star event,” said Chapman. “I am honored to have made it. There is no pressure on me to perform. However, I do want to win. I always fish to win.

“I’ve never been to the two lakes we are going to fish. This is kind of opportunity many of the Elite pros live for; new bodies of water to explore and to challenge our skill. Though I’m not too excited about the possibility of dealing with muskies on Lake Shelbyville. The super rare and expensive baits may not be coming out of by tackle box.”

Chapman might need a little guidance from HGTV host Vern Yip.

“I have to say I am not the best at designing an area in my house to display my trophies or the Angler of the Year trophy,” said Chapman. “I don’t have my own office to display things, so the trophies just sit on a small table. I guess I’ll need to figure out how to display these things properly.

“The AoY trophy weighs a ton. It must be made of granite or marble. I’m glad I worked out so much in the pre-season. Anyway, right now the AoY trophy is getting more time on the road then at home. I am going from sponsor to sponsor to do photo shoots with it.”

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