Zona Claus returns

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 Dec 1st, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Yep, it’s that time of year once again for BassFIRST.com to be visited by the jolly man from… well… southern Michigan. No, I am not talking about Saint Nick. I am referring to the legend, the myth that is Zona Claus, aka Mark Zona. He is best known for his hosting duties on Bassmaster television and Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show, but he is also a magical elf from the lower 48 who during this season of joy gives the gift of knowledge as far as what gifts to rush to the store and buy for yourself or a loved one.

First up on Zona Claus’ list this year is a brand name that you may have heard about, but have no idea what it is. Bass Mafia. Is it a bass fishing syndicate? A line of clothing? An insider’s term? A replacement for the Emmy-winning Sopranos? Bass Mafia is actually a company that sells all sorts of bass fishing-related products.

So, what does Zona Claus say about Bass Mafia?

“For me, I need to have Bass Mafia tackle boxes,” said Zona Claus. “If you baby your tackle like I do, they are a must have!”

Zona Claus’ second on his list of gifts for yourself this season is a two-parter. This two-part gift consists of a hook and a bait that go together like Fred and Ginger, Christmas and BB Guns or Captain and Coke. It’s not a fancy-schmancy gift, but one that Claus claims has really helped him out this year when fishing got tough.

Strike King Rage Bug

“You need to get Trokar Flippin’ hooks,” said Zona Claus. “Put a Strike King Rage Bug on that monster hook. I’ve been using them since ICAST 2014. Honestly, this rig has bailed me out filming two of my TV shows.”

The final item on Zona Claus’ must haves for Christmas 2014 is a little pricier than the previous items, but you are certainly worth it, right? This gift item happens to be a Shimano baitcasting reel. Shimano is famous for producing some of the finest fishing reels available and Zona Claus’ choice is no different.

“My final gift selection is the Shimano Metanium XG,” said Zona Claus. “It is Christmas and this is like getting a new car! They are just awesome.”
If you want to be sneaky, go online to your favorite fishing store, put all these items in the shopping cart and leave it open for your loved ones to see. It’s a little more high tech than Ralphie had when he left the Red Ryder Double Carbide Action with the Compass in the Stock BB Gun ad in his mom’s ladies magazine. And if that doesn’t do the trick, maybe your Old Man will take pity and get it for you anyway. After all, he was your age once, too.

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