Winter bassin’ fun: Part 1

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 Nov 20th, 2017 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Just because the weather outside is turning frightful in some parts of the bass-fishing world doesn’t mean you need to stow your gear and wait until spring to whack a few bass.

Nope, instead, check out some of the favorite locations and techniques from a few of the best bass fisherman on the planet, and get warm yarding in fat fish this winter. Read on and have some fishing fun this winter.

Randy Howell. (Joel Shangle/BassFIRST)

John Crews

“I like fishing deeper southern impoundments that are not too clear and without a ton of cover. That kind of fishery opens up a lot of fun ways to catch them.

“If it’s not too cold, a crankbait bite can be going on. If it is cold, jerkbaits, spoons, and jigs come into play.

“We don’t get to do that much on tour anymore.”

Timmy Horton

“My favorite place to fish in the winter is Wilson Lake in Alabama.

“I like to fish the ends of the bluffs where they taper into pockets. I throw a Bray Z jerkbait in the olive oil color, or a Depth Charge A-rig, rigged with Bass Pro Shops Speed Shad swimbaits.”

Randy Howell

“Lake Guntersville is a really good winter lake. It’s the lake where the Alabama rig was born.

“Lots of big bass congregate in the deep creek channel mouths and by the bridges around the baitfish.

“Big swimbaits are the bait of choice. Fish them 15-to 30 feet deep.”

Alton Jones. (Joel Shangle/BassFIRST)

Alton Jones

“I like to fish Fayette County Reservoir in the winter. It is a power-plant lake located in central Texas.

“My favorite technique is ripping a Booyah One-Knocker through the grass.”

Larry Nixon

“Definitely Toledo Bend! Fish gang up on the edge of river or creeks beds.

“Vertically fish a 3/-4-ounce spoon. On tough days, drop a 4-inch Yamamoto Senko on a drop-shot rig to them.

“Best depths are usually 25-to 32-feet, dropping into deeper water.”

Scott Martin

“I prefer fishing lakes in South Florida, (Okeechobee, Everglades canals, some small lakes) that have hyacinth mats. The biggest bass will use them for heat, cover, and food.

“I exclusively use the punching technique. A 2-ounce weight with a craw and skirt attached to a 5/0 TK135 Trokar hook.

“I also use a 7’11” Okuma Mat Daddy rod and an Okuma TCS 8.1 reel spooled with P-Line 65-pound XBraid.”

More winter bassin’ favorites from the pros in Part 2.

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