Wheeler wallops Chickamauga

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 Jun 12th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Plano pro Jacob Wheeler put the smackdown on the bass on Day 2 of BASSfest on Chickamauga Lake out of Dayton, TN. Wheeler brought in a limit weighing 29 pounds, 13 ounces for a two-day total of (52-3) leading the BASSfest field heading into Saturday.

In second is Nitro pro Kevin VanDam weighing (45-7) over two days.

Rounding out the Top 5 are in third Phoenix Boats pro Greg Hackney (44-13). In fourth Skeeter Boats pro Matt Herren (43-14). Fifth is held by Yamaha pro Takahiro Omori (43-1).

Things were tough early for Wheeler
“My morning was rough,” said Wheeler. “The first place I went to I go get set up and my bow unit was shot. I head no electronics up front all day.

“I guess today I pulled up at the right places at the right times. Really, any of the guys here could do this. It is timing and decision making. I made the right decisions today.”

VanDam wants more current
“It was really slow for a while,” said VanDam. “I had an opportunity to have a monster bag today. However, this is a 4-day tournament, I need to be consistent. I need to find enough to catch 20 pounds each day to be able to win here.

“This lake really produces big fish. Any cast can produce a monster like the 10-pounder Hank Cherry caught today. I want a 10.

“I think not fishing for a day will be good for my fish. They move a lot. I didn’t catch a fish off the spot I got my bites yesterday. The day off should give the spots time to reload. Now, if the TVA will cooperate and move water, it will make catching them a bit easier.”

The fish VanDam mentioned caught by Livingston Lures pro Hank Cherry weighed (10-11).

Greg Hackney in the hunt yet again with 44-13. (Joel Shangle)

Hackney has no answers
“I can’t explain why I am fishing so well,” said Hackney. “I guess everything works out sometimes. The good Lord has blessed me in my fishing the last few weeks.

“I’m glad I’m not fishing Nickajack. Taking the day off tomorrow will help a bunch. I’ve been fishing so much lately. Time off is good.”

Sleep time for Herren
“My goal was to get to Saturday,” said Herren. “I’ve been blessed. I have a couple of little places to fish. I’ve been beating the fire out of them. I hope they reload the rest of the week.

“I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.”

Omori not well
“I’m just sick,” said Omori. “I need the day off to recover.”

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