Swindle Still Swinging

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 Sep 19th, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Swindle heading out for a day on the water (Bass Communications Photo)

What does a famous BASS Elite Series pro do when he doesn’t qualify for the prestigious Bassmaster Classic? He keeps working of course. This is exactly what Elite Series pro Gerald Swindle plans on doing during his off season.

“Of course I’d rather be fishing the Classic that not,” said Swindle. “That’s a no-brainer, but since I didn’t make it this year, I plan on working even harder for my sponsors at the Classic.

“Since I’ve qualified for the Classic 9 out of 11 years I’ve fished at this level, I really was focused on the event, not my sponsors while at the Classic. Now I will be able to work my sponsors’ booths, sign autographs and generally draw more attention to their products. So, even though I’d rather be fishing, I will be working hard for them.”

Swindle holds some potential cash (Bass Communications Photo)

G didn’t fish well this year.

“Going into the last day of the Lake Oneida event this year on the Elite Series I knew I didn’t perform well,” said Swindle. “Marty Stone said to me that morning that we still have a shot to make the Classic, but I told him I just didn’t fish well enough this year to be there. He said it was like looking at a ghost. I was just being honest.”

Even though the Elite Series is over for the season Swindle isn’t slowing down his fishing schedule.

“I’ll be fishing some of the BASS Opens, plus the last FLW Series event on Clarks Hill Reservoir,” said Swindle. “I told Marty Stone what I was planning to do and he said I was crazy. I told him, we fish for a living don’t we, so why not fish when there are opportunities and money to be made?”

Swindle has more focus entering the 2009 season.

“After the year I had, I know now I need to refocus,” said Swindle. “For the upcoming season I’ll be totally focused on fishing correctly and doing what I need to do to perform better. Even though I always put out the effort I need to do it the right way next year.”

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