Seaguar team embraces advocacy and outreach

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 Jun 11th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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Seaguar® team embraces advocacy and outreach

At its core, fishing is a people business. If fishing is to thrive – particularly when faced with significant headwinds – we need to recognize and support those who put a rod in someone else’s hands for the first time, or teach them the intricacies of a difficult presentation, or provide a voice for their needs or those of our shared resources. Seaguar, the inventors of fluorocarbon fishing line and the leading manufacturer of fluorocarbon and braided lines for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, is proud to welcome two new members to our team of experienced professionals, and embraces their efforts focused on angler advocacy, outreach, and education.

Nicole Jacobs

Minnesota-based professional angler Nicole Jacobs is an experienced tournament professional who is driven to empower and motivate others, both on and off the water. “People are my passion,” notes Jacobs, “and my goal is to reach people by making a difference in their lives through fishing and the outdoors.”

Jacobs began fishing competitively in 2014, first as a co-angler in Bassmaster Opens and FLW-BFL Great Lakes Division events, as well as local events on the sprawling bass factory of Lake Minnetonka, MN. In 2017, Jacobs transitioned to the front of the boat, fishing as a pro angler in the FLW-BFL Great Lakes Division, where she became the first female pro to qualify for the BFL Regional Championship in 2019.

Undeniably successful on the water, Jacobs’ impact extends well beyond the confines of her boat. Indeed, Jacobs spends much of her professional effort in the areas of angler outreach and advocacy, stating that, “I believe in empowering and encouraging others to follow their dreams through fishing.” She is a member of the Board of Directors of MN-Fish, a sportfishing foundation and coalition that provides a strong voice for anglers – and the fishing industry — before the Minnesota Legislature and Department of Natural Resources. Jacobs has organized and hosted numerous family-focused and charity fishing events, including Casting 4 Cures to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospitals, the Ron Schara Crappie Contest on Lake Minnetonka, and Take A Vet Fishing events. In addition, Jacobs has served as a mentor at Special Olympics FLW Foundation fishing derbies, Big Brother/Big Sister fishing events, and taught knot tying and basic fishing skills at the annual St. Paul Sportshow in St. Paul, MN.

Linking all of these activities together, both on and off the water, is fishing; for Jacobs, Seaguar lines and leaders are integral components of her bass fishing pursuits. “I love to chase spring bass, especially with a wacky worm,” asserts Jacobs. “I spool up with 20lb test Smackdown braided line in hi-vis Flash Green, which gives me a major advantage in visually detecting bites. Then, I finish the rig with a leader of 8-10 lb test Tatsu, which is incredibly durable and gives my wacky worm just the right sink rate.” Welcome aboard, Nicole!

Joseph “Hunter” Sales

Tennessee-based professional angler Joseph “Hunter” Sales unites a successful tournament background with mentorship of college anglers to help educate and inspire the next generation of bass chasers. “Competition is a great platform for the development of students at all levels,” notes Sales, “helping them to become better anglers, to work as a team, and to learn valuable life lessons.”

Sales’ own tournament resume extends to his days fishing Carhartt College B.A.S.S. and Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing events, and includes qualifying for the B.A.S.S. College National Championship in 2018. More recently, Sales moved to the pro side of the FLW-BFL Mountain and Volunteer Divisions, where he has notched several top-five finishes, including a win at Cherokee Lake in 2019. Sales is also competing in Bassmaster Open events in 2020.

Excellence on the water has propelled Sales to establish and become the Head Coach of the Carson-Newman University “Eagle Anglers” fishing team. “I find tremendous satisfaction and opportunity in my role as the Head Coach of our fishing team. I plan to use this platform to teach our anglers about the fishing industry and organize internship opportunities after graduation. Sales notes that, “as these young anglers get older, and perhaps continue to fish competitively or simply enjoy recreational fishing as an adult, their memories of traveling, competing, and fun days on the water with their friends will be priceless.”

Seaguar lines and leaders are central to the success of Carson-Newman University anglers and their Coach. “Terrific lines like Seaguar Red Label fluorocarbon and Seaguar Smackdown braided line have put Eagle Anglers in position to catch some giant bass under challenging circumstances.” Moreover, Sales asserts that, “Smackdown is a personal favorite. Here in East TN, vertical fishing has become a staple, whether that be Damiki rigging or dropping a drop shot. Being able to quickly and accurately present a lure in front of fish you see on the graph is crucial, and Smackdown — which comes off the spool very smoothly — makes all of my vertical presentations much more efficient.” Welcome aboard, Hunter!

Seaguar is proud to include Nicole Jacobs and Hunter Sales among our team of dedicated professionals. Be sure to follow Nicole’s and Hunter’s efforts to advocate for anglers’ needs, to introduce others to the joys of fishing, and to deliver the education and training that we all need to excel. Their tireless efforts, like the Seaguar lines and leaders they rely on, are Always the Best!

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