Real Anglers Tell You Why They Trust Ultrex

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 Jul 8th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Jul 8th, 2020 at 11:42 AM

The 1-2 Punch That Lands More Fish
Spot-Lock™ and Power Steering help anglers get to their favorite fishing spots, stay there and do more of what they came to do. Every single time.

Spot-Lock™: The Most Accurate GPS Anchor Ever
You hit a button and your boat stays put. Spot-Lock changed fishing the day it came out. And it’s put more fish on the line every day since.

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Power Steering: No Spot is Out of Reach
It goes where you tell it to – and cuts through weeds, grass and anything else along the way. Ultra-responsive Power Steering gives you effortless command of the power of Ultrex.

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What Real Proof Looks Like

See more of what Ultrex can do with our video series – and learn more about elite technologies like the i-Pilot® and i-Pilot Link™ GPS trolling systems and Built-In MEGA Imaging®.

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Ultrex’s Ultimate Test

[One Boat Network Challenge Icon over an image of a helicopter hoisting a boat over a body of water]

Ultrex is part of the One-Boat Network™ of connected gear from Humminbird® and Minn Kota®. See it take on the ultimate challenge on Mexico’s legendary Lake El Salto.

watch the one-boat challenge >>

Get Yours. And Get Back to Fishing.

Choose the right Ultrex for you – with the features and power you need. Then get ready to forget about every other trolling motor you’ve ever owned.

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