NEW for ICAST: Plano EDGE Small Terminal and Weight Retainers

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 Jul 8th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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NEW for ICAST: Plano EDGE™ Accessories Small Terminal and Weight Retainers are  Essential to Complete Storage

Grand Prairie, TX (July 8, 2020) Plano EDGE™ tackle storage redefined how anglers organize all of their fishing tackle. The EDGE™ Terminal box was an instant favorite as it solved problems anglers have had for generations – how to store and organize small, but essential items. All anglers could relate to the jumbled mess and misery of searching tackle boxes for a specific weight or swivel and find them mixed and scattered throughout the box.

Since the introduction of the EDGE™ Terminal box, anglers have been asking for a way to get extra retainers. They love how the small retainer boxes secure small terminal items but wanted more options to make a Terminal box fit their specific needs. Plano answers the call this year with a complete selection of Terminal retainers.

The Plano EDGE™ Terminal and Weight Retainers are the final piece of the puzzle for total storage. They are essential to quickly accessing the perfect accessory or weight and keep you on fish. Adaptable, durable and intuitively designed means the little things are available in seconds, providing a significant advantage.

Weight Retainers and Large Hook Retainers come as one unit, whereas Medium Hook Retainers are two per pack. Small Hook Retainers come three per pack. All the Retainers are compatible with EDGE™ 3500, EDGE™ 3600 Terminal, EDGE™ 3700 Thin and EDGE™ 3700 Terminal systems.

EDGE™ Small Terminal and Weight Retainers are paramount to knowing where everything is and how to get to it fast. The small stuff is the toughest to keep organized but the easiest to find with the accessory boxes designed to keep anglers efficient.

The new EDGE™ Retainer boxes are part of the Plano EDGE™ system. Every box in the EDGE™ series has Rustrictor™ rust-preventing technology molded into the base of the boxes. A Dri-Loc™ watertight seal and patent-pending, water-absorbing Water Wick™ desiccant dividers ward off moisture. An innovative EZ label system and a crystal clear DuraView™ lid make it easy to identify contents quickly. Heavy-duty steel-pin hinges, a one-hand latch, a super durable ribbed base and a lid that lends itself to stacking multiple units make the EDGE™ series the last tackle box you will ever need to buy.

EDGE™ Accessories – Small Terminal and Weight Retainers Features:

  •  Compatible with 3700 Terminal, 3600 Terminal, 3700 Thin, 3500 Standard EDGE™ boxes
  • Designed as a “box within a box” concept for secure storage of even the smallest items
  • Clear DuraView™ lids on hook retainers make selection simple
  • EZ label lids on weight retainers help you make quick, accurate choices
  • Easily removable and adjustable for complete customization

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