Quotes from the Green Bay Challenge

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 Jun 28th, 2012 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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That was one of the coolest rides I’ve ever had this morning.

-Brandon Palaniuk

“That was a much better day than I was thinking.”

-Ish Monroe

“I couldn’t believe I got to use my Power Poles up here, who woul’ve thought.”

-Bobby Lane

“I can’t imagine what the promise land is like up north.”

-Aaaron Martens

“I let go/caulled a lot of 3 1/2 pounders, not sure what that’ll do to my area tomorrow.”

-Aaron Martens

“I was very blessed today, I had a tough practice.”

-Greg Hackney

“I caught one smallmouth, one largemouth, I was chaging that Spotted bass all day.

-Marty Robinson

“I’m pretty sure they swam across the line.”  (In reference to his marker buoy he had dropped to mark the boundary line.)

-Paul Elias

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