Onyx Continues Role As MLF Exclusive Life Jacket Sponsor

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 Apr 25th, 2019 by fishing fanatics 

Modified Apr 25th, 2019 at 8:28 AM

Major League Fishing® (MLF) announced that Onyx, a water safety and outdoor recreation brand of Absolute Outdoor, Inc., is continuing its role as the league’s exclusive life jacket sponsor of the MLF Cup series.

MLF Cup anglers wear Onyx’s automatic inflatable life jackets, and the same personal flotation device (PFD) is also the required game-day safety wear for MLF camera crews and officials throughout all competitions, including the new MLF Bass Pro Tour.

MLF and Onyx pro Ott DeFoe

“Onyx is a proud sponsor of Major League Fishing and is pleased to be teamed up with the fastest growing bass fishing organization in the world,” said Mary Snyder, Absolute Outdoor vice president, marketing. “We’ve been the exclusive life jacket provider of the MLF Cup and Select series for the past few years, and we’re pleased to keep moving forward with the league that continues to innovate and bring excitement to fishing to help grow the sport.”

“Onyx is a great MLF partner and we appreciate their ongoing support as we’ve made some exciting changes to our MLF Cup program for 2019, as well as launched the all-new Bass Pro Tour,” said MLF President and CEO Jim Wilburn. “Of course, on-the-water safety is a critical element in what we do and quality life jackets are a must. Our staff and anglers greatly appreciate the comfort and reliability of Onyx PFDs.”

MLF Cup participants are determined by angler performances in Bass Pro Tour competitions, where its 80-angler roster includes the top and best-known professionals in the sport of bass fishing.

Onyx directly sponsors MLF pro Ott DeFoe, but many of the other Bass Pro Tour anglers are also wearing the company’s life jackets.

MLF pro Ott DeFoe is sponsored by Onyx. He and most competitive bass anglers prefer the suspender-style, automatic-inflate life jackets because they are lightweight, comfortable and easy to fit over outerwear.
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“Nearly 75 percent of Bass Pro Tour anglers are wearing Onyx and that makes us especially proud,” Snyder added.

Automatic inflatable life jackets inflate upon immersion in water or when the wearer pulls the “inflate” handle (CO2 powered); they are also equipped with a valve for oral inflation as a backup. The automatic inflatable life jackets are United States Coast Guard approved PFDs for persons 16 years of age and older.

Competitive anglers especially like the “tournament” versions of the inflatables because their suspender-style design makes them lightweight and comfortable to wear. Several Onyx models incorporate the brand’s In-Sight feature that shows green if the product is armed, and red if it’s not.

2019 marks Onyx’s sixth season with MLF.

MLF’s unique catch, weigh and immediate-release format, in which all scorable bass (typically a one-pound minimum) count, has proven to be appealing to the wide and diverse television audience watching MLF programming.

According to Nielsen ratings, “Major League Fishing” has been Outdoor Channel’s top-rated show in first quarters for four years in a row. MLF also airs on World Fishing Network, CBS, CBS Sports Network and Discovery Channel.

For more information about Onyx, visit www.onyxoutdoor.com.

For more information about MLF and its anglers, rules and schedule, visit MajorLeagueFishing.com.

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