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Introducing the All-New Inspira Spinning Reel

Throughout our history, Okuma Fishing Tackle has repeatedly advanced the spinning reel category, making previously unattainable features accessible to anglers of all levels. For 2016, Okuma unleashes Inspira, delivering incredible new technologies in combination with Okuma mainstays of performance. Including all-new Cyclonic Flow Rotor, Centrifugal Disc Bail and Torsion Control Armor, Inspira will energize freshwater and inshore saltwater fisheries across the globe.
Available in either blue or white and In sizes 20, 30 and 40, the Inspira will be of keen interest to all bass, walleye, trout, steelhead and inshore anglers. Click here or on the image to check out the video.

Okuma Rebates Ready For Big Holiday Events

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and every other day become a total slam dunk when Okuma 2015/2016 Rebates kick in on November 15th. Make your best deal at your favorite retailer, then double up with factory incentives on Okuma favorites.

$30 Rebate or Free Tournament Jersey with purchase of any Helios baitcast or spinning reel

$20 Rebate or Free Tournament Jersey with purchase of any TCS Rod by Scott Martin

$20 Rebate or Free Okuma Hoodie with purchase of any Citrix baitcast reel

$20 Rebate or Free Okuma Technical T-Shirt with purchase of any Azores saltwater spinning reel

$10 Rebate or Free Okuma Technical T-Shirt with purchase of any Cerros baitcast reel

Free Okuma Fleece Vest with purchase of any Dead Eye Walleye rod or Dead Eye spinning reel

Free Okuma Logo Jacket with purchase of any Cold Water reel (round or low-pro!)

Free Okuma Technical T-Shirt with purchase of any Shadow Stalker rod

Click on any rebate description to download the rebate form for that product.

Okuma Angler Todd Kline Riding A Wave Of Success

There are a lot of similarities in championship anglers. One of the strongest is mindset. In his FLW Angler of the Year win, Scott Martin was very cognizant of his approach to the water, managing his tournaments, and what it would take to win the title. 

In this most excellent article by Curtis Niedermier at FLWfishing.com , Todd Kline, though fishing from the back of the boat, details the mindset necessary to maintain focus an achieve exceptional success.

It’s not just that Kline is a great angler. He’s a phenomenal person that we are extremely proud of the fact that he chooses to fish Okuma rods and reels (which by the way is another striking similarity of champions this year). Kline relies heavily on spinning gear, and having had some advanced samples of the new Inspira spinning reel, says he’ll have a boatload of them next year to accompany his TCS Rods by Scott Martin.

We’re looking forward to Todd Kline moving to the front of the boat. In the article he says this, “For me, I feel I’ve figured something out for the back of the boat. I’m fortunate. But when you go from the back to the front, there’s a lot more to see – you have to be aware of everything 360 degrees. You have to manage your fish. There’s a lot that comes into mind. At this point I’m having success, and I’m enjoying it. First and foremost, the whole reason I started fishing, and always will fish, is to have fun.”

When he makes the move, he has our complete confidence. Remember the name folks, and look for it on the big stage.

Get Live Video With Periscope App

Want to dive in directly with Scott Martin and Jacob Wheeler on a live video feed?  Periscope is your answer. 
An offshoot of Twitter, the Periscope app sends you a notification when people you follow are about to go live. Click in and you see all the action, with the ability to write in comments.
Both Scott Martin and Jacob Wheeler are highly active on the platform. You might catch Scott delivering a live clip from the filming of the Scott Martin Challenge that won’t air until four months later. Wheeler offers a lot of insight to his tournament prefishing, as well as recaps of tournament days just a short time after he weighs in.
Both anglers are generous with rigging, equipment and technique discussions. Download the Periscope app and follow all the action at;
Scott Martin-  @SRMBASS
Okuma @OkumaFishing
Savage Gear @SavageGearUSA

The Young Man And The Sea

Cody Wakefield finds himself in a epic one-on-one battle with a 420-pound blue marlin- in a skiff, all by himself.  Read his outstanding story on the Okuma blog

Makaira- Building Fans One Angler At A Time

Okuma is the new kid on the big-game-block. It’s not enough to be the same as others. We have to be better, and offer more, at every level. We’re up to the challenge, and it’s fantastic to receive validation direct from anglers. Here’s a recent email.

Subject: Impressed

I just completed a trip to Nova Scotia fishing for Giant Bluefin Tuna with Captains Anthony Mendillo and Eric Jacquard. Capt. Mendillo had brought a pair of  Okuma [Makaira] 130II with him which we fished for 4 trips. We fought and released 10 bluefins ranging from 350 to 900 lbs. We boated two fish in the 400 to 500 lb class.  This was the first time I had fished your reels. I was skeptical when I first saw the reels as we boarded the boat, being a life long Shimano and Penn customer.  After this trip I no longer have any doubts as to the quality of your reels.  We “punished” these reels over the 4 trips and they never skipped a beat. My compliments to your company for producing a truly great big game reel. You have a new customer.

ps. you have an excellent field tester in Anthony. He is a true professional.

Regards,   H.F.   Lansdale, PA

And Speaking Of Makaira Offering More….

Let’s pop the hood on a few reels for a better understanding of why H.F. (above) found that Makaira never skipped a beat as his group “punished” it on blue fin. For many, the buying experience is an external process. Check the look, turn the crank and head on down the road.
The November-December issue of Sport Fishing magazine delves into the deeper level of gear construction and materials. Makaira (Andros as well) is taking all comers with regard to the quality of the stainless steel used and the cut of the gears.
Click here or on the image for a PDF of the article and Okuma’s Product Development Manager, John Bretza’s commentary on creating the ultimate big game reel. 

Have A Savage Holiday Season

It’s time to take a fierce approach to your time on the water. Beginning November 15th, purchase any three Savage Gear lures and mail-in for a $5 rebate or get a free Savage Gear balaclava.
Ultra-premium, ultra-realistic Savage Gear lure actions add quality to every fishing experience.  From tournament bass lures to inshore and offshore saltwater fisheries, the advanced Savage Gear selection is constructed to prey upon the basic instincts of gamefish with technologies that include true-to-life 3-dimensional scanning of real baitfish, hollow air-filled appendages for amazing subtle movement and key strength elements like TPE plastics and mesh reinforcements. 
See the complete Savage Gear lure family at SavageGear-USA.com, make your best deal at your favorite retailer and download your rebate form here.

$40 Water Wolf Rebate. Limited Time Only!

It’s the only camera of its kind. Rig it right in-line about 3-feet in front of your lure or bait and send it into the strike zone. The Water Wolf HD camera then captures all of the hits and misses predators make towards your gear. 
You’ll be amazed by the strike footage, but you’ll also learn an incredible amount about just how many fish rush your lure, then slowly sink back into the deep. This is the next evolution of fishing, where theory of what goes on beneath the water’s surface is brought to light in full-color video.

Act fast. This first-ever rebate opportunity is valid through January 31st only. Click here for the Water Wolf rebate form. 

Jason Schall Catching World Records With Okuma

We fish for a number of different and individual reasons. Some to catch a fish. Some to catch a lot of fish. Still others to catch really big fish. And finally, some fish just to be on the water. Somewhere in that mix is the idea of catching the very largest fish on a given set of equipment, and that is where you’ll find Jason Schall. 
Schall is the owner of nearly 50 World Records. His goal is a nice even 100. Most recently he’s added a couple new records on the all-new Solterra SLX.  The photo is the new pending 8-pound line class record of 130lb 4oz that Schall caught on the Okuma Solterra SLX-20L on British Columbia’s Fraser River. The record smashes the existing record by a whopping 82-pounds. 
Just weeks before Schall landed a 168.8-pound Alligator Gar in Texas, a new pending 30-pound line class record.  That fish was landed on an 80-size Avenger Baitfeeder and Okuma SST-S-802MH.

Papua New Guinea Trip Delivers More World Records

Hi Guys, Wow, I kicked some butt in Papua. The Nomad rod and Azores reel did an incredible job while I was fishing for the ” river beasts” of the jungle, the strongest freshwater fish in the world, the Papuan black bass from Papua New Guinea, and a bonus for me, the world records!!! Thanks so much again for the great gear. I was so impressed with power of Nomad and strong drag system, light weight of Azores. The 44 pounder was still peeling the line under 17 lb of drag but subdued with  22 lbs. Many other anglers ended up with broken rods and reels! Not kidding! – Jan Forszpaniak

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