Monster Spinnerbaits

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 Sep 23rd, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Monster SpinnerbaitsPut away the tiny finesse gear and bust out your heavy-duty spinnerbait rod for some early fall big bass action. On many bass waters, this is the time of the year for baitfish to start schooling up heavily, whether it’s a reservoir in the creek arms, a natural lake in coves and bays or a river in some backwater area, you can fake out the bass with big blades.In dark water, or at night, use a large (think ½-ounce or larger) lure with a single Colorado blade. For clearer water, try a double-willow spinnerbait with large blades.A good starting point for a large blade is anything bigger than what you are normally comfortable using.Stick with light colors like white or the various shad patterns available from a variety of manufacturers. You can try a variety of techniques to hook fish, but slow rolling your offering from shallow to deep structures can really put some big bass on your hook this fall.

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