Introducing The Next Generation Of Hard Baits From 13 Fishing

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 Jul 7th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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Introducing The Next Generation Of Hard Baits From 13 Fishing

Agitator [aj-i-tey-ter] Noun: “A person who stirs up others in order to upset the status quo and further a political, social, or other cause.”


Jabber Jaw

More Noise, Less Filling

This bait is as unclassifiable as anything we’ve ever created, and we can’t hit the mute button on loud and furious. The chattering bill is rigged inside the full metal jowls which give roaring resonance as it bangs side to side. Introduce your local fish to a new level of chaos. Finished off with VMC black nickel hooks, this bait will land more high fives and fist bumps than a game of beer pong.

• Jabber Jaw Bill Provides Erratic Swimming Action
• Patent Pending Metal Cheeks Provided Enhanced “Clicking” Noise
• HD Holographic Eyes
• VMC Premium Hybrid Black Nickel Treble Hooks
• Ultra-High Definition Paint Finishes

If you’re going to claim to be innovative, you better do your research…

Shadow Spin

The Mullet Is Back

When you take the ultimate application of finesse techniques, develop and refine them into one package, this is exactly what comes out. It’s all business in the front with a custom machined aluminum prop, and a downright party in the back with the subtle wedge-tailed paddle that shreds a whole new riff in the spy game.

• Metal Prop Provides Enticing Vibration and Action
• Perfectly Balanced for Enhanced Shimmy on the Fall Soft
• Wedge-Tail for Improved Action
• HD Holographic Eyes
• VMC Premium PTFE Coated Hybrid Treble Hook for Improved Penetration
• Ultra-High Definition Paint Finishes

Half Twitchbait, Half Spybait, Half Swimbait, 150% Success.

Spin Walker

A Tweak Ahead

Walk the dog style baits have been calling us for an upgrade for a long time, and now we’ve answered. We’ve added a bottom positioned prop and clacker that gives off a beguiling sputter whether twitched side to side or retrieved directly. Watch local fish become enamored and consumed by their need to attack. This spear is tipped with VMC premium PTFE coated hybrid treble hooks that make penetrating tough mouthed species child’s play.

• Metal Prop And Clacker Provides Enticing Noise and Vibration
• HD Holographic Eyes
• Ultra-High Definition Paint Finishes
• Perfectly Balanced For Easy Walk The Dog Action
• VMC Premium PTFE Coated Hybrid Treble Hook for Improved Hook Penetration

Like A Topwater, But Better.

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