Hodgman rain gear. Go buy some!

 May 2nd, 2018 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified May 2nd, 2018 at 12:00 AM

We are right in the thick of things in the world of freshwater tournament angling. The Bassmaster Elite Series, FLW Tour, all sorts of crappie tournaments and the walleye fellas way up north will be revving up soon to drag their worms around. So, why a rain gear review now? Because it’s the perfect time.

Keith Worrall in his Hodgman gear. (OutdoorsFIRST Media)
It isn’t the time of the year to promote a product for gift-giving season, nope it’s straight-up thoughts on how stuff performed so far. In this case, Hodgman. Yep, the wader people. But they make outerwear and rain gear as well.
A group of us at OutdoorsFIRST Media had the opportunity to use Hodgman gear under a variety of circumstances. The Worrall Boyz (Their Indie wrestling promotion name) Steve and Keith used some of the rain jackets and bibs with the cold-weather inserts this winter under some extremely cold and at times, soaking wet conditions in northern Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota. Both of them use the Hodgman rain suits now as well.
I used the Hodgman Aesis Softshell jacket all winter and continue to wear it when it’s chilly outside.
The Worralls raved about the product. We had many conversations about the quality of construction, functionality and design. Definitely a big thumbs up from them.

Hodgman Aesis Softshell Jacket
“The Hodgman rain gear provided outstanding comfort and warmth in a light, well designed, extreme cold-weather suit,” said Steve Worrall.  
“When we used it strictly as rain gear, it was very dry with an excellent design including the hood and all the zippers and fasteners. I believe they are a leader in high-end foul-weather gear.”
That’s high praise from a veteran of 5 decades in the fishing industry.
As for my experience with the Aesis jacket, I love it. I headed to Florida for New Years to escape the brutal cold of Northern Illinois. Yeah, didn’t happen. Instead, my family and I ran into some terrible Florida weather. Icy cold, rain, you get the picture.
Anyway, I didn’t bring a full rain suit, but I had that Aesis. Not only does it look sharp, it kept me warm and dry. I have mobility issues so I need an electric vehicle to get around (ya know, a scooter). So, I can’t really run for cover. I didn’t need to with that Hodgman jacket. Not one drop of water inside the jacket during the entire trip. 
Scooting around with my family at “the House that the Mouse built” in the wet and cold for a week in my Aesis was a blast. I can’t say enough about the quality, functionality and frankly it looks cool in my eyes. I stayed dry!  And my wife digs it, too.

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