Gamakatsu’s Spring Lock Spinner Adds Attraction to Soft Plastics

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 Nov 19th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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Gamakatsu’s Spring Lock Spinner Adds Attraction to Soft Plastics

Tacoma, WA (November 18, 2020) – Gamakatsu built a better mousetrap when they designed the all-new bait lock spring and made it fish even better by adding to the system with lockjaw-defying features. The new Spring Lock Spinner from Gamakatsu makes your favorite swimbaits and other soft plastics even more effective by adding flash and vibration to attract fish from even greater distances.

Getting the most action out of your soft plastics has never been easier, thanks to Gamakatsu’s all-new Double Down Spring Lock. The revolutionary design features two retaining wires wound in parallel, making rigging simple and providing even more grabbing power, so baits won’t slip no matter how hard you fish. The Spring Lock Spinner’s nickel willow blade flashes, flutters, and vibrates its way to more hookups. So go ahead, rip your bait through dense cover and spin the hardest boat side figure eights; your bait will stay put.

The new rigging system has innovative features that draw strikes from pressured fish, and is built on a premium 2x strong hook to handle the biggest predators. Combining the 28-degree hook eye and premium spring lock allows you to keep your bait in place, so it runs true every cast. Available in sizes 3/0 up to 12/0, you can rig a variety of baits to take advantage of the Spring Lock Spinner’s added attraction. They’ll stay put, thanks to the groundbreaking Double Down Spring Lock design.

Use Gamakatsu’s new Spring Lock Spinners added attraction to compel even the most unwilling predator to bite. The Spring Lock Spinner is available in sizes from 3/0 to 12/0 to fit nearly every bait on the market to target bass, pike or muskellunge. Weights from 1/16 to 3/4 ounces let you control the depth allowing you to cover the water column from top to bottom in any conditions.

Spring Lock Spinner Features:

  • Nickel willow blade delivers flash and sound to lure predators from a distance
  • Double Down Spring Lock bait screw is an easier, more efficient way to keep soft plastics perfectly positioned
  • Extra-wide gap permits rigging the biggest baits with plenty of room to set the hook
  • Neutral weighting provides a tantalizing fall and erratic action that triggers bites
  • 2x strong forged carbon steel hook stands up the hardest hook sets and biggest predators
  • Size 3/0 (3/16)
  • Size 5/0 (1/4)
  • Size 6/0, 7/0, 9/0 (3/8)
  • Size 10/0 (1/2)
  • Size 12/0 (3/4)

For more information, visit www.gamakatsu.com

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