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 Oct 14th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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The Topwater Chaos Continues

The explosive Ever Green Shower Blows SB-150 topwater family adds a range of new colors

Cypress, CA (October 13, 2022) – Thar she blows…Shower Blows. Since famed Japanese bass angler Morizo Shimizu offered input developing Ever Green’s original Shower Blows SB-125, the regal topwater plug has captivated bass anglers worldwide and sent untold gallons of water skyward. Then, based on popular demand, Ever Green introduced the larger SB-150 for even more topwater pandemonium. Now, the technology-based lure crafter welcomes six new wicked patterns to the SB-150 lineup.

The SB-150’s distinctive design moves water like a subdued popper – splatters, spits, and bubbles – while locomoting in walk-the-dog fashion – a truly novel hybridization. At 5-7/8-inch (150mm) and 1-9/16-ounce (44.5g), the SB-150 sports a trio of nasty #2 trebles, the rear tied with tantalizing feathers, which subtly sway when the bait is paused. The feathered hook also adds resonance in the intervals between stillness and motion and creates suction, connecting with light biters not blasting the surface.

Ever Green SB-150 (GHOST OLIVE SHAD)

The larger SB-150 plays well big bass, as well as in darker or turbid water when extra commotion is required. Additionally, the bigger bait is well suited for the upsized appetites of striped bass and wipers.

The SB-150’s elongated body design minimizes air resistance on the cast, while internal tungsten weights in the rear guarantee incredible distances even against headwinds. This incredible range expands your search with every cast. Moreover, the SB-150’s perfect balance in the water allows it to make quick, consecutive turns without jumping out of the water, replicating an agitated baitfish on the run.






The SB-150’s cosmetics add to its overall effectiveness. The lure features stunningly accurate eyeballs, scale patterns, and authentic gills. Layered airbrushing creates added realism, as nature’s palette of colors are seldom stark.

New colors include Full Metal, Glow Shad Duzzlar, Flash Wakasagi, Flash Clear Shad, Ghost Olive Shad, Silver Flitter Shad, adding to existing patterns, Bone, Natural Gill and Black Bone. MSRP $23.99. New colors available 2023.

The Ever Green Shower Blows SB-150 is a big-bass bully. And with six new patterns to choose from, expect the beatdowns to continue.

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