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 Oct 7th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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High expectations are what many anglers fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series tour have each season. Some meet their individual expectations. Many never come close to getting where they’d like to be. Missile Baits pro John Crews has high expectations as well. Crews is a work in progress, but his consistent performance over the years on the Elite Series certainly ranks him among the top pros in the game. With a little tweak here and there, Crews could easily be the next big thing in pro bass fishing.

Enjoyment key for Crews

“I set my expectations high each year,” said Crews. “I expect to make the Bassmaster Classic. I expect to be in the Top 10 in Angler of the Year (AOY) points each year. My personal expectations are much higher now than they were in the past. I know what I have to do to achieve the goals I set out for myself.

John Crews working his way to the top of the Elite Series (Joel Shangle)

“I think a big part of why I’m achieving the goals I set each year is I enjoy what I am doing. It is tough for me to be away from my family, but the friends, my fishing family, I have on the road allows me to enjoy what I am doing, I enjoy fishing every tournament. This allows me to stay focused and be prepared for every event.”

Crews has fans.

“I definitely have a following,” said Crews. “It may not be as large as other guys like Skeet, KVD or Ike, but I have fans. Many of them recognize me because of the baits. Either Missile Baits or SPRO. I have baits with both companies that I have designed. I mean 100% designed by me. Not too many pros can say that.

“I think I’d be better known if I had a big title. The Classic or AOY. When I win one of those I will probably get more attention from media and from the fans.”

Crews needs to work.

“Once I realized I was at the level I am at, I knew I had to get even better,” said Crews. “I could just be happy staying at this level, but if I want to make a run at the AOY or win a Classic, I know I need to make a little bit of a leap to get there. Once you get a taste of success you want more. I just need to work harder to get up to the top.”

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