Menendez Gets Ready for the ’09 Elites

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 Nov 28th, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Nov 28th, 2008 at 12:00 AM

With the 2009 Bassmaster Elite Series only a few months away veteran BASS Elite Pro Mark Menendez isn’t sitting around pining about what could have been. He missed qualifying for the Classic for the second straight year. Sure, it’s bothersome, but he shares his thoughts on moving past that reality and how he’s preparing for the upcoming campaign.

Menendez Makes Three Changes for the ’09 Season

“The Bassmaster Elite season is a long and hard road. It can literally come down to one point or one missed fish costing an angler the Bassmaster Classic invitation. I know this all but to well. I have been the first man out of the Classic the past two seasons,” said Menendez.

Using Longer Rods

“After coming to terms with two near misses, I have evaluated the last two seasons. I have found three areas to work on for next season. The first area is in execution. I will be changing the rods I have been using. I will be using longer and slightly faster action rods. Power Tackle rods have the lengths, actions, and sensitivity I need. My casting rods will now be 7’3″ for soft plastics and jigs. This is up from a 7′ rod. This will give me more control over fish and the ability to move more line on a hook set. My cranking rods will be Power Tackle Glass cranking rods. These rods have a new palming grip to take most stress away from wrists and elbows while cranking large crankbaits. This is a change from a composite model that I lost numerous quality bass on tour last year.”

Hit the Gym

“I have already started a workout program. I felt last season that my fitness was marginal. I am focusing on my legs and shoulders. I have made great strides in working extra hard on Cardio work. The summer schedule makes for long days of practicing. I tired body equates to a tired mind. This will make a big difference in the decision making needed to compete at this level. Towards the end of last season I had to really struggle to stay on the water for those 12-14hrs days.”

Keep Gear Organized

“Organization is the hardest part of my job. The hectic schedule of the Elites Series really pushes me to take the time to keep my inventory of Strike King Lures updated. I ‘m also the worst at not placing used lures back in my tackle box. I will place them in a plastic bag. They always seem to be missing when they are needed. ”

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