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 Sep 3rd, 2019 by Keith Worrall 

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John Cox

August 28, 2019 by Curtis Niedermier

From time to time, FLW checks in with its anglers to find out what they’ve been up to, what they’re listening to, who they’re following and where they’re heading while out on the tournament trail. This week, we caught up with John Cox.

What are you up to lately?

I kind of took a break this last week, so I’ve kind of been doing a little bit of fun fishing and feeding the fish in the backyard and stuff. I’ve got two more B.A.S.S. Opens left, so I’m still in tournament mode. One is at Oneida, and one is in Grand Lake, where we already went for the Tour. So, on Oneida I’m wanting to catch some smallmouth. And Grand; I think I lost the Grand tournament by 3 pounds, and I only weighed two fish the one day. So I’m really hoping to get some redemption on Grand.

Where are you headed next?

So something exciting is Benjie (Seaborn, his sponsor, friend and travel partner) has never flown on an airplane before, and there’s a truck and boat at D.C. that we left when we left the James River, and there’s a truck and boat that we left at Little Rock. So the only way to get to Onieda is to fly there, and he’s never been to an airport before. So Thursday I’m flying to Birmingham to meet him at the airport. Then he’s going to jump on the plane with me and fly back to Orlando to connect to D.C. because that’s where the connecting flight is. I think it’s the same plane. I’m going to fly there, and an hour later we’re going to fly back to Orlando. He’s never flown before, so he’s a little nervous about it.

What are you listening to or watching these days?

Well, I got a couch finally. I actually sat in it the other day, and I thought, “Oh my God, have I been missing out on this?” I got home and I slept three days straight on the couch. It’s amazing. But we haven’t got the TV up yet. Hopefully soon that will be up. So I’m not really watching anything yet.

And I just listen to everything. As much as we drive, you just listen to everything you can.

What bait or technique are you trying to master right now?

I probably should be working on drop-shotting and stuff for that smallmouth tournament coming up, but flipping a 1-ounce in hydrilla has been so good that that’s just all I’ve been wanting to do. It’s just way too much fun.

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