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 Jan 29th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Rapala® sends shock waves through the fishing industry with the introduction of the new Clackin’ Rap®

MINNETONKA, Minnesota – Anglers will stop, stare and marvel at how Rapala has once again redefined the laws of lure design with the creation of the new lipless Clackin’ Rap.

“This is a totally different, versatile lure and it’s the most exciting bait I’ve ever seen,” remarks David Fritts, Rapala pro staff member and crankbait aficionado.

The Clackin’ Rap excels in all fishing applications: cast, troll, jig it in deep water, buzz it fast just under the surface, pulse it to flutter it – there’s no way to fish this lipless wonder wrong.

This heavy vibrating, new concept bait is a fresh water delight. It features a fatter physical appearance and a “just have to bite it” continual deep base rattle that’ll have big fish charging in from all directions, ready to pounce in clackity-clack attack mode.

Equipped with a metal rattle chamber that contains a single large BB, the Clackin’ Rap produces a large, hard metallic cadence as it vibrates from side to side. The result is a deeper base, metal-on-metal sound that travels farther through the water, targeting fish at a distance. Numbers of rattles will catch fish, but one big deep rattle catches the really big fish.

Not only can fish hear the rattle but they can feel the vibration produced from the BB – enticing and taunting every fish in the area.

“The Clackin’ Rap is a very rare bait that excels in all applications,” says Fritts. “Fish it five feet deep or 100 feet deep and let the Clackin’ rattle go to work – it’s the ultimate bait, perfect for any condition.”

Fish the Clackin’ Rap with ease. Simply make your cast and let it sink to the bottom. Once it touches bottom, jerk your rod and lift the Clackin’ Rap straight up, then let if fall straight down. By doing this, the bait is making a vertical drop, fluttering and rattling while tantalizing big fish.

“Another simple way to fish this bait is to drop the Clackin’ Rap and work it just like a jigging spoon, creating an up-and-down fluttering action,” explains Fritts.

The Clackin’ Rap is 3 1/8 inches long, weighs a hefty 7/8 ounce, and is equipped with a front VMC® SureSet belly hook and a Black Nickel treble hook in back to dig deep and hold the hook set.

Featuring a translucent textured body with internal holographic foil creates an extremely seductive flash. With 16 tantalizing X-Rap finishes, the Clackin’ Rap can just plain do it all.

The new hard knocks champion of the fishing world has arrived.

Suggested retail price: $9.99

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