Back-to-Back for Lane

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 Jan 23rd, 2013 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Chris Lane, the reigning Bassmaster Classic Champion, sure would like to get his mitts on another title. The other anglers who have performed this feat are somewhat well known, Rick Clunn and Kevin VanDam. To achieve this goal would place Lane in rarified air with two of the biggest legends in the sport of competitive bass fishing.

Chris Lane, 2012 Bassmaster Classic Champion (Photo BassFIRST)

So, how does Lane plan on taking his second Classic in as many years? With hard work and a confidence that years of tournament fishing have provided for him.

“Man, back-to-back Classics would be something else,” said Lane. “Only Rick Clunn and Kevin VanDam have done it. To be mentioned in the same conversation as them would be amazing. I don’t think many people think my chances are too great at Grand. I wouldn’t say I am one of the favorites.

“Funny thing is, I have fished there a couple of times and made the cut each time. I have confidence in myself that I can figure out a way to catch that 8-pounder I may need to win. I’m gonna put my head down and work hard for those three days to try and come out of there with a win.”

Lane is working on training his body to adjust to the potential cold conditions.

“I am working on a variety things to address the possible cold conditions,” said Lane. “I am trying to adapt to the cold by trying out various equipment. I’m layering clothes, trying out things like one pair of thick socks or two pairs of thinner socks. I’m figuring out the right gloves, boots, hats, etc., to wear.

“I need to stay warm, but be able to fish properly. Because once you get cold, you usually stay really cold the rest of the day. Just a few degrees colder than what you are used to and you will be miserable. It’s a fine line between comfortable and cold.

“I enjoy the cold weather, but I don’t enjoy freezing out on my boat.”

In addition to his physical adjustments, Lane is working on honing his cold weather bass fishing, too.

“I’m fishing on Guntersville (Lane’s home lake) trying to figure out what I need for the cold weather fish,” said Lane. “It gets cold here. Plus, there are ledges, channels and other similar cover to Grand. I am figuring out what line size, type, baits, etc., these fish want in the cold.

“Of course, the weather could be really nice and we are all just catching a bunch of fish, too.”

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