Aaron Martens’ Top 3 summer bass baits

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 Jun 14th, 2018 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Bassmaster Elite Series pro, multiple tournament winner, and Angler of the Year title holder- Aaron Martens clearly knows his bass fishing. So, as the weather gets toasty and your sweat levels rise, why not ask one of best of all time to share his top lure picks for hot weather bassing?
So BassFIRST.com did. Check out Aaron’s answers.

Aaron Martens. (Joel Shangle/BassFIRST)
“I really like the Suijin Scrounger,” said Martens. “The new one with Picasso Lures that I’ve been working on is awesome. It’s been 16 years since I started working on a Scrounger. This version is better than the original one. It’s the best one on the market.
“It comes in a variety of sizes, with various hook sizes and interchangeable bills for different swimming action. It’s a really great lure for summer.”
Martens doesn’t leave the dock without a crankbait when the weather is hot.

“My go-to crankbait in the summer is the Realis G87 size 15 or 20,” said Martens. “The 15 will dive to about 17 or 18 feet on 14-pound fluorocarbon. The size 20 can get over 25 feet deep. These are perfect for deep cranking.”
Martens shakes a lot in the warm weather, but not because he’s caught a chill.

“I use the Rhino Head jig from Picasso,” said Martens. “It’s the best shaky head jig on the market. I’ll rig a 6-inch Roboworm on the back. I use multiple colors, but my two favorites are Aaron’s Magic or Morning Dawn.”

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