TSS Fish Partners with King Eider Communications

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 Jul 17th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Jul 17th, 2022 at 11:41 AM

Tungsten Super Slam, a leader in the hunting industry, is bringing its expertise and experience to the fishing world in the form of a new weighted putty that can be instantly applied to lines, lures, and nets. In order to get the word out, they have partnered with King Eider Communications.
“At TSS we were already using environmentally-friendly tungsten in our shotgun shells for the hunting industry,” shares Blake Rice, CEO of TSS Super Slam and TSS Fish. “On a trip overseas to visit our manufacturer, we realized the ability to have tungsten products made to our specifications.

“This led us to consider the fishing industry. We came back to the States, reached out to Mustad to partner with them on a far superior hook. From there, TSS Fish was formed.”

While the value of tungsten has long been recognized, it is primarily offered only in traditional, prefabricated shapes that must be added prior to rigging a hook or lure.

“After extensive research, we found that there was a need for tungsten putty and decided to add it to our tungsten line up.”

Because it is 1.7 times as dense as lead, tungsten is more sensitive and more streamlined, allowing easier access to tight spots where fish often hide. In addition to its smaller size at a given weight, nontoxic tungsten also leaves a smaller environmental footprint on our fisheries.
The pliability of putty permits anglers to immediately add just the right amount of weight to their offerings. The applications are numerous for fly fishing, ice fishing, saltwater and fresh, cast nets – anywhere a little extra weight is needed in a pinch.

TSS partnered with King Eider Communications to branch into the fishing space. “We knew we needed the best public relations and marketing firm to help us build awareness for our company and products,” said Rice. “We already worked with Dena Vick and King Eider in the hunt space with Tungsten Super Slam. We searched the market to see if there was a better fit in the fishing industry and found that we were already with the best.”

While Vick brings all the required marketing and industry knowledge to the table, Rice first decided to work with her after seeing her outdoors acumen. “I met Dena on a hunt in South Dakota where she bagged a turkey. After dragging her through the rugged terrain, swamps, and hills I realized that her persistence and her will to never give up would be exactly the edge needed to push TSS to the top of the industry. In fact, Dena already has us listed in Bass Pro Shops!”

Vick, CEO of King Eider Communications, is proud of her involvement with TSS and looks forward to future growth. “After being part of the success on the hunting side of the business with TSS Super Slam, I am happy to help them make the move into fishing—a natural next step for an industry leader such as TSS. “I’m also very excited to further grow the relationship.”

TSS Fish Tungsten Putty can be seen in the Fly Fishing category of the New Product Showcase at ICAST 2022 in Orlando Florida next week.


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