2019 World Ploughing Contest – Championship

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 Aug 30th, 2019 by Keith Worrall 

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2019 World Ploughing Contest

The World Ploughing Championship is held in a different country every year and this year it is in Baudette Minnesota. The event only comes to the US every 30 years.

To kick off the beginning of the event there was the Unveiling of the Cairn. The cairn is a monument that will stay in Baudette as a memorial of the event.

Today was the unveiling of the Cairn of Peace at the 2019 World Ploughing Contest held in Baudette MN. A total of 50 competitors from 28 different countries will compete this week in the contest. Joe Henry from Lake Of The Woods MN Explains.

Unveiling of Cairn Of Peace at Event Site

Day 1 Before the Start

Photos From The Cairn Unveiling and Day 1 Stubble Competition

World Ploughing Contest Parade – Competitors Roll Through For The Crowd

Day 1 World Plowing Championship Teams Ready to Plough

2019 World Stubble Plot

Day 1 Stubble Top 3 in the Conventional and Reversible Plots With Anna Marie McHugh

Top 3 in The Reversible Stubble

1st- France’s Mathieu Cormoreche

2nd- Switzerland’s Marco Angst

3rd- Denmark’s Soren Korsgaard

Top Six in Stubble – Reversible and Conventional

Top 3 Conventional Stubble

1st- Scotland’s Andrew B Mitchell Snr.

2nd- USA’s Gene Gruber

3rd- Northern Ireland’s Andrew Gill

Mathieu Cormoreche Receiving the yellow jersey for first place

Day 2 Grass Competition Plot Layout

Day 2 World Ploughing Championship Parade

OFM’s Keith Worrall with a bit on the day two World Ploughing Championship event held in Baudette. Competiters in the conventional and reversible compitition will be plowing grass plots today.

Just a bit of the Music and Concessions From The Event

Few Photos From The Day 2 Grass Reversible and Conventional Contest

Final Ceremony and Awards

Awards Ceremony. See more images here!

USA Nationals – Ray Elsberry goes through the process each competitor had to complete at the USA competition held on the 1st!

Sunday USA National Competition Photos

More to Come on This Event




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