The Importance of a Reliable Graph Mount 

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 Nov 23rd, 2022 by sworrall 

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Exceptional Trophy Graph Mounts for Every Tournament Angler 

As a tournament angler, it is very important to have reliable gear and equipment while on and off the water. A ton of time gets dedicated to preparing, traveling to, and practicing for a tournament. It is very inconvenient to have a problem while performing any of these measures or even in the middle of a tournament. Graph mounts are one of the main things to check before leaving for a tournament. Graph mounts can be overlooked and because of that, anglers will lose a $2,000 unit or will not have a functioning mount for tournament day. Whether it is traveling down the road to a tournament or rolling down the lake at 70mph to get to the first spot, a broken graph mount can lead quickly to a bad day on the water.



I am on the Carson-Newman University fishing team and we are always traveling to tournaments across the entire country. It is crucial to have graph mounts that I can depend on under all circumstances. Trophy Graph Systems out of Springfield, MO makes a wide variety of top-quality mounts that can be customized to any angler’s boat or needs. From single to triple graph mounts at the bow or dash, Trophy Graph Systems has it all. Some boats may have a recessed trolling motor pedal and others may not. Trophy Graph Systems has options for low graph mounts for recessed pedals that still give plenty of clearance to operate the pedal. There is also an option for high graph mounts that help provide clearance if it is an exposed and non-recessed pedal. No matter the situation, Trophy Graph Systems always has a solution.


Not all bass boats are designed the same, and graph sizes may vary. Take a few measurements and communicate those to the experts at Trophy Graph Systems – it won’t be long until the exact mount you need will be waiting for you on the front porch. Installing a Trophy Graph Systems mount is a super easy process and does not take much time at all. The mount provides holes on each side that correspond with the given dimensions to place screws or bolts to anchor the mount. It is just a matter of finding the correct drill bit, pre-drilling holes, then fastening down into the correct position with screws or bolts. Based on the lengths of the graphs that are getting mounted, there will be another set of holes that allows the graph gimbal to fasten on perfectly. On the mounts, there is a hole in the median of the plate on the mount that allows wires and cords to fit through and connect to graphs in an organized fashion. Everything will be neat and organized, both on and off the water.


Trophy Graph Systems put its customers first and are always there to help in any way possible and answer any questions. If a mount is needed before a certain time even if that is four days before a tournament, Trophy Graph Systems will do their absolute best to fulfill their customers’ needs.

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