Angler’s Dream: Pro-Series Net for Bass & Crappie

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 Aug 3rd, 2023 by sworrall 

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The Pro-Series Nets: For Bass and Crappie

OTH Fishing is proud to introduce the new Pro-Series Nets, a new line of fishing nets designed for Bass and Crappie fishing.

Designed by Professional Angler, Jeremy Mattingly, this new net is the culmination of decades of experience on the water and on the drawing boards.

“Truly refusing to compromise on quality and performance regardless of the cost is my product design secret. That’s how I became one of the leading anglers in the Nation and that’s how our products will help improve your game the water…”

Jeremy Mattingly

Ideal for Giant Bass & Crappie:

The Pro Series Net features some of the most impressive specifications on the market. It’s the Pro Choice for the biggest bass and giant crappie.
– Net Head: 20″x23″
– Net Bag: 22″ deep
– Handle: 4′-8′ extendable
– Weight: 37 oz only!

This is a game-changing net. 

The Pro Series Net is built with some of the most durable materials on the market and will prove to be an invaluable tool for any bass and crappie angler.
Experience the difference between successfully landing a large bass or giant crappie instead of watching it swim away.
Available in 4 colors:

Want to know how we select our bait type for each body of water? Check this out!

Owner Jeremy Mattingly shares his secrets and will tell you how to catch more crappies with his bait selection during this live presentation.


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