SPRO® Introduces New Colors of RkCrawler and Fat Papa

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 Jul 23rd, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Jul 23rd, 2021 at 10:41 AM

Kennesaw, GA (July 23, 2021) The SPRO® lure designers have long prided themselves on offering the best color palettes in the industry, but they are never satisfied. That’s why the company is adding new colors in the RkCrawler and Fat Papa lineups.

The current RkCrawler selection will be supplemented with five colors: Delta Craw, Goby, Ghost Orange Craw, Olive Craw and Sparkle Shad. These new options allow the RkCrawler to cover an even wider array of forage, both in the Ozarks, where this lure is a proven winner and around the country, where it still often flies under the radar.

The Fat Papa 55 and 70 and the Fat Papa SB 55 and 70 will add six new colors. Delta Craw and Natural Herring will exist in all four profiles. The SB lures will also add Copper Shad, Honey Shad, Nanko Reaction and Olive Craw. The standard 55 and 70 will add Blue Bandit, Clear Chartreuse, Goby, and Phantom Green.

With these additions, any angler will be able to crank a wide range of depths, cover and seasons while “matching the hatch” to whatever fish are feeding on locally. The RkCrawler delivers a wide-wobbling, hunting and grinding action and stays on the bottom in the elusive 10- to 14-foot range. The Fat Papa 55 is a tight-wiggling, rattling bait, while the 70 is silent and pushes more water. The Fat Papa SB models feature a squared-off circuit board and come through cover easily due to their design and extreme buoyancy.

All SPRO crankbaits run true out of the package and come with properly-sized, razor-sharp Gamakatsu trebles.

RkCrawler New Colors:

Delta Craw
Ghost Orange Craw
Olive Craw
Sparkle Shad

Fat Papa New Colors for 55 & 70

Blue Bandit
Clear Chartreuse
Delta Craw
Natural Herring
Phantom Green
Fat Papa New Colors for SB 55 & 70
Copper Shad
Delta Craw
Honey Shad
Nanko Reaction
Natural Herring
Olive Craw


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