Smooth Move Boat Seats Partners with CUSA and King Kat Tournament Trails

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 Dec 21st, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Dec 21st, 2020 at 11:52 AM

Louisville, KY – December 11, 2021 – Crappie USA (CUSA) is pleased to announce its affiliation with Smooth Moves, a manufacturer of suspension boat seats. Smooth Moves has partnered with CUSA/King Kat as an official National Sponsor with exclusive rights to showcase its products to CUSA and King Kat anglers. CUSA Operations Manager Darrell Van Vactor made the sponsorship announcement stating, “Smooth Moves have the best product for anyone who would like a smoother ride while on the water. I order the Smooth Moves at about the same time I order my boat, so I have them on time for its arrival. Smooth Moves is a great product, especially for us guys who have back pain!”

Smooth Moves are all About Comfort
Too often, anglers find themselves packing up their gear and heading back to shore early. Why? Because back and muscle joint pain creeps in. It’s sad but true. Rough waves can wreak havoc on the spine, and leave anglers spending more time at home in recovery and less time on the water. That’s where Smooth Moves comes in. Smooth Moves boat seat suspension kits offer anglers a fail-proof solution to the back and spine pain experienced from rough water. Its advanced shock-mitigation system allows anglers to cut through tough waves and absorb less jolts and jars to the body. Using a built-in air compressor on the Smooth Moves Air and a four-spring design on the Smooth Moves Ultra, Smooth Moves suspension systems eliminate tension and optimize comfort—every ride!

“We have been doing business for years in the upper Midwest,” said Tammy Koller, Smooth Moves co-owner. “We realized that there are a number of crappie and catfish anglers that can also benefit from a smoother ride on the water. We are honored to sponsor Crappie USA and Cabela’s King Kat as a part of their long-standing history of promoting the sport of fishing. As a family-owned business, we appreciate their emphasis on family-oriented and cost-effective tournaments that appeal to every skill level of angler. CUSA and King Kat are About Competitive Fishing CUSA and King Kat Tournament Trails reach across the nation offering tournament fishing to traveling and local anglers. Competing anglers fish for prize money and the right to compete in regional and national championship events. Each trail also offers a points race for the more serious anglers.

As a family-oriented organization, Kids Rodeos are a part of each CUSA and King Kat tournament. The rodeos provide an opportunity for children of the area to get out and enjoy nature, do a little fishing, and win some prizes. All participants are eligible for a chance to win one of several CUSA and King Kat $1,000.00 scholarships. To date more than $379,000.00 in scholarships have been awarded to participating children.

“Smooth Moves Suspension Seats are the perfect product for today’s serious crappie and catfish angler,” said Van Vactor. “Designed to complement all the boat models with pedestal style seating they totally eliminate the rough ride of big waters. I have run them many years and still have units in one boat that are 8 years old and perform flawlessly. We welcome them as a new partner of both Crappie USA and King Kat Trail and know our members will certainly be eager to check them out.”

For more information on CUSA and King Kat events visit their respective websites at www.crappieusa.com and www.kingkatusa.com. For more information on Smooth Move Boat Seats visit their website at www.smoothmovesseats.com.

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