Season 16 Episode 5: Trolling for Grand Traverse Bay Ciscoes

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 Apr 25th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Apr 25th, 2022 at 10:47 AM

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This week on Fishing 411 Mark and Jake Romanack visit East Grand Traverse Bay in search of ciscoes, a little known species native to the Great Lakes. The cisco is a member of the trout family and also a close relatives to the lake whitefish. In recent years cisco numbers have skyrocketed at places such as East and West Grand Traverse Bays creating what can only be described as a “smack down” trolling opportunity. Not only do ciscoes travel in huge schools, they aggressively strike Wolverine Tackle Jr. Streak Spoons like it’s going to be their last meal. In this episode, that’s exactly what happens.

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