Scent and Smallmouth- Must have scent to get more bites

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 Aug 1st, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Scent and Smallmouth – Must have scent to get more bites

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS – July 27, 2022. Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit angler Scott Dobson is a smallmouth catching machine. As a Michigan resident, Dobson has spent a great deal of time on big water lakes chasing smallmouth while he’s not on tour.

Dobson started fishing at the early age of five in a big sandpit pond at his aunt and uncle’s house. At the time he didn’t even know how to cast. Dobson recalls the event like it was yesterday… “My brother cast out a KNE Bass Stopper, a pre-rigged plastic worm, and that thing was so kinky I just kind of watched it floating there in the water. Out of nowhere, a largemouth came up, bit it, and I hooked it. I was so excited I ran back to the house with the fish still on the line.”

From that moment, Dobson was hooked on bass fishing. As a kid growing up in Trenton, Michigan his parents had a boat that they docked at the mouth of the Detroit River so he and his brother were able to fish off the pier and catch whatever would bite their line. In fact, that was the first time he caught smallmouth bass, and the fight is what kept him coming back.
In college at Michigan State University, Dobson and his best friend had a little aluminum boat they fished small local tournaments in and learned key smallmouth habits and patterns and also learned to sight fish and target shallow smallies. Since smallmouths are site feeders, Dobson shares that most anglers utilize soft plastics to catch them. Late winter and early spring are when you can catch the true trophy smallmouth.

BaitFuel Fish Attractant is the next generation of scent with the science to back it up. BaitFuel Fish Attractant gives other scents a run for their money, especially on the smallmouth scene. There is no better proving ground than in and around the Great Lakes.

“Adding BaitFuel to your smallmouth lineup is a no-brainer! Scent to smallmouth is like green pumpkin to a tube.”
Anglers have been using scent for years to lure in more bites from coffee to garlic and everything in between. However, BaitFuel Fish Attractant is the real deal. It is water activated, so to humans, there is no color or no smell, but to fish, it’s their flavor. If you want to watch your bites take off add a dab of BaitFuel Fish Attractant.
Dobson adds that as an angler he understands wanting to add one more element of appeal when fishing for smallmouth. He believes that element is scent. Give yourself that extra edge by adding BaitFuel Fish Attractant to your smallmouth arsenal.

“Use it as much as you can and don’t ever doubt yourself if it works or not. Be a user and love it”, Dobson proclaims.
BaitFuel Fish Attractant will also be infused into NetBait and Set the Hook plastics like the Drifter and the Tube. Dobson is especially excited to use them and highlights the LON Goby shade as it is a natural color that will appeal to the fish.

BaitFuel is a part of American Baitworks Co. and is propelling our sport forward with an increasing trajectory of growth.
American Baitworks Co. is an innovative American-based fishing tackle company that provides custom manufacturing of fishing lures and products for our customer’s specifications. Our family of brands includes BaitFuel, NetBait, Halo Fishing, Snag Proof, Scum Frog, Freedom Tackle, and STH Bait Co.
Our passion for fishing runs deep at American Baitworks Co. where our focus on innovation and advancing the sport of fishing never ends.
From our manufacturing and distribution center on the coast of Mississippi, USA, we want anglers of every level to have the best experience every time they’re on the water.
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