Reel Guppy Outdoors hits the Channel Islands

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 Aug 1st, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Reel Guppy Outdoors and NOAA went to the Channel Islands for the “Play In Your Sanctuary” 50th year anniversary

It was part of 1 of our Vamos A Pescar Series with Take Me Fish. Huge Success
Last Thursday we did our Take Me Fishing, with Vamos A Pescar series boat trip with NOAA. We went to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary for the 50th year anniversary, of the Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary. Play in your Sanctuary. It was a special day for groups in our community. Whitefish, Calico Bass, Sheephead, Barracuda where caught. We shared our new workbook “Whales and Friends” and “Explore the Channel Islands” from last year. True learning and teaching of our program was on display. Responsible angling practices, environmental awareness, our diverse ecosystem and of course wildlife and hands on adventure. Catching memories

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