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 Jun 11th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

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Strike King Goes Primalwith New Fishing LineNew Performance Fluorocarbon, Monofilament and Braided Lines Lexington, S.C. –June 8, 2021-With so many fishing lines to choose from on the market today, Strike King has made the decision easy-just choose the best.

Introducing Strike King Primal, the innovative, performance-class fishing line that is priced for exceptional value. No longer will anglers sacrifice top quality line to find one they can afford.With Primal, anglers can expect the best of both worlds -next-generation performance and a reasonable price.

To develop the Primal Series of Fluorocarbon, Monofilament and Braid, Strike King turned to world class engineers and state-of-the-art manufacturing, as well as some of the top anglers in the sport. MLF pro Andy Montgomery was an integral part of a team assembled by Strike King to take on the challenge to engineer a next generation line with unmatched performance-grade properties at an unbeatable price point. Montgomery, himself an engineer with a degree from Clemson, did not take the challenge lightly. “We were driven to create a line that would meet the demands of the serious angler,” Montgomery said. “But I grew up fishing on a tight budget, and it was important to me to build a line that the average angler could afford.”The result is Primal.

Primal Braid is the solution when anglers demand strength, durability and handling.

Montgomery noted that Strike King’s efforts have yielded a braid with premium fibers, engineered for both strength and sensitivity. “And possibly the best feature of the Primal Braid series is how manageable it is on the water,” said Montgomery.“This line casts so smoothly and handles great on both spinning and casting gear.”Primal Monofilament is the answer for high-quality, value priced mono.

Strike King used world class extrusion processes to deliver a line that offers incredible strength, increased sensitivity and handles like a dream.

When you need mono that makes casting fun, holds up to big fish in heavy cover and is fairly priced, look no further than Primal Monofilament.

You can certainly spend more, but why would you?More and more anglers are turning to fluorocarbon line for its strength and durability.In addition to withstanding abrasion, Primal Fluorocarbon is particularly resistant to deterioration from exposure to UV light which translates to a longer life on the water.

Ridiculous sensitivity, next-level abrasion resistance, and incredible handling characteristics are what define Primal Fluorocarbon, not price.Primal Fluorocarbonwas designed to the exacting specifications and needs of Strike King pro anglers.This is high-quality, performance-minded fluorocarbon at a great price.

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