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 May 31st, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Canvas Cutter Summit Bedroll

Elite Lightweight Sleep System Combines Maximum Packability with Canvas Cutter Durability

The Canvas Cutter Summit Bedroll is designed and executed for anyone looking to pack lighter, go further, and enjoy a great night’s sleep anywhere along the way. Perfect for backpacking, backcountry hunts, surf or kayak fishing, the prepper lifestyle and more, the versatile and lightweight Summit Bedroll combines extreme packability with the rugged durability customers have come to expect from the Canvas Cutter brand.

Measuring 84 inches long and weighing just 2.3 pounds, the Summit is built on a solid foundation of durable 210D ripstop nylon, defying small rocks and rough ground while defending against abrasion when strapped to the exterior of a pack. The side walls and top of the Summit are crafted from 40D ripstop nylon. All seams are taped, and the entire nylon shell is coated in a TPU film – a highly breathable monolithic liquid barrier – providing comfortable protection and dry sleeping conditions during stormy weather.

The Summit includes a built-in mesh screen to lock out mosquitos, flies, other bugs or reptiles during warm, summer nights or anytime increased ventilation or maximum airflow are desired. For increased flexibility, paracord D-loops at the four corners and above the head and foot areas allow the Summit to be used without a pole system; simply tie it off to your trekking poles or nearby trees. The Summit Bedroll is available with or without Canvas Cutter’s Standard Pole System and is fully compatible with Canvas Cutter’s Bedroll Foam (sold separately).

Summit Bedroll Features & Specs

• Lightweight and durable design for easy packing and transport
• Taped seams and highly breathable TPU film coating for dry sleeping
• Built-in mesh screen for ventilation and moisture management
• Available with or without Standard Pole System
• Main Material: 210D ripstop nylon (bottom) 40D ripstop nylon (sides and top)
• Mesh Screen: Black nylon
• Zippers: YKK with YKK zipper sliders and guards
• Straps: Nylon webbing with quick release buckles
• Width: 30” at the shoulder tapering to 24” at the footbox
• Sidewalls: 14” at the head tapering to 11” at the foot
• Max Height at the Head: 23”
• Overall Length: 84″
• Weight: 2.3 lbs.
• MSRP: $334.97 (bedroll only) / $389.97 (with Standard Pole System)

Pack lighter, go further, and sleep better anywhere along the way with the Canvas Cutter Summit Bedroll, available exclusively at canvascutter.com.

About Canvas Cutter
At Canvas Cutter, we believe every thread counts. We craft reliable, high-quality, durable gear for passionate Load Go Dominate outdoors enthusiasts. We specialize in reinventing timeless pieces of gear, simplifying them, and improving them to be more functional in outdoor applications while significantly increasing comfort and utility. Learn more at canvascutter.com.

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