Make it Snappy with SPRO Terminal Tackle

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 Apr 20th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Apr 20th, 2020 at 11:08 AM

Make it Snappy with SPRO Terminal Tackle

Kennesaw, Georgia (April 20, 2020) The chances of landing fish are only as good as your weakest link. That’s why the terminal tackle is so important. SPRO‘s new line of snaps, swivels and split rings mean the only thing terminal is the fish.

The SPRO Prime Snap Mini is fast, strong and easy to use whether you’re wading in the rolling surf or waist-deep in the current of a rushing stream. Made of durable NBS-coated stainless steel, the Prime Snap Mini is ideal for freshwater and light saltwater use. Snaps make it simple and easy to change lures without retying. The Prime Snap Mini is perfect for top-water baits and minnow-style lures where freedom of movement equates to better action. Available in sizes 0 to 4- rated for 10- to 30-test lb.

  • Fast
  • Strong
  • Easy to use



Every angler is familiar with a duo lock snap. It’s a perfect example of “you get what you pay for.” SPRO has built a better mousetrap with its version of the classical Duo Lock Snap. The SPRO Duo Lock Snap is made of NBS-coated, stainless steel that is machined to the finest tolerances.The Duo Lock Snap comes in a tiny 00 size that’s perfect for ice fishing up to a size 6 that is a favorite of catfish and salmon fishermen – rated from 33- to 240-test lb.

  •  Fast
  • Strong
  • Easy to use

SPRO has always manufactured high-quality ball bearing swivels, but never offered truly giant swivels for big game fishers. The new SPRO Ball Bearing Swivels fulfill that need.The SPRO Ball Bearing Swivels have two welded rings and a Coast Lock closure. This is serious terminal tackle. The swivels come in sizes 7, 8, and 9 and are rated for 380-, 470-, and 700-test lb. A new Power Split Ring is the perfect complement to the Ball Bearing Swivel. The strong, heavy-duty split ring comes in size 9 and is rated for 300-test lb.

  •  Two Rings for more flexibility
  • High-quality
  • Heavy-duty

Adding a split ring to your lures increases their freedom of movement and action. If the lure doesn’t come with a split ring, you need to add one. SPRO’s Power Split Rings are available in a bulk pack of 50 so you can upgrade all your lures. Available in sizes 2, 3, 4 in 32-, 50-, 60-test lb.

  •  Strong
  • Heavy-duty
  • Available in 50 pack

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