Lake of the Woods MN Fishing Report 8/18/2021

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 Aug 19th, 2021 by sworrall 

Modified Aug 19th, 2021 at 9:54 AM

On the south end…  A good walleye bite this week.  A goto summer pattern on LOW is fishing the various schools of walleyes over the miles of deep mud in the basin called Big Traverse Bay.  Targeting walleyes in 30-34′ of water is a good bet as there are a lot of fish roaming the basin.

Reefs are still holding some fish as well.  Fish could be on top, on the sides or relating to the deep mud just off of the edges over the mud.

The two primary techniques are drifting or trolling spinners with crawlers and trolling crankbaits.  As fish are not schooled tightly this time of year, covering water by drifting or trolling is a good strategy.

Hammered gold, yellow, orange and gold/glow white are colors doing well.

The top team in the Warrior Boats David A. Andersen Memorial Shootout on Saturday had over an 8 lb average per walleye for five walleyes!  Lots of big walleyes in the lake.

On the Rainy River…   The river was a backup for many anglers with a couple of windy days this week.  A variety of fish being caught including walleyes, saugers, pike, bass, and sturgeon.  Spinners / crawlers or trolling crankbaits are a good way to locate walleyes.

Bass and pike holding on structure, docks and weed edges.

The sturgeon “keep” season continues through Sep. 30.  Catch and release Oct 1 – April 23, 2022.

Up at the NW Angle…  Anglers are now allowed to fish both the U.S. side and Canadian side of the border up at the Angle.  Those boating into Canada waters are not required to check into Canada Customs unless you are touching land or dock, doing a shore lunch, mooring, etc.  If you plan on touching land or do a shore lunch, check in via 888-CAN-PASS.

In U.S. waters, deep mud of Little Traverse Bay still holding walleyes in 28 – 33 feet.  Spinners and crankbaits are effective in covering water and catching these fish.

The goto structure areas such as underwater points, sunken islands and neck down areas also holding walleyes.

Travel via vehicle through Canada to the Angle now open.  Boating into Canadian waters is now open.  To travel up to the Angle and avoid the border crossing, charter boat transport and float planes are available through the LOW Passenger Service and Lake Country Air.

A complete list of lodging and fishing packages around LOW at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging.  For last minute lodging, try the lodging availability finder at www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com/lodging-availability-request/

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