Corrosion Technologies ReelX® Delivers Peak Performance In All Fishing Reels

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 May 1st, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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Corrosion Technologies ReelX® Delivers Peak Performance In All Fishing Reels

Garland, TX (May 1, 2020) – ReelX unlocks performance in spinning casting, fly and conventional reels while displacing moisture and protecting against corrosion.
ReelX from Corrosion Technologies, a leader in chemicals and coatings for the aerospace, military, industrial and sporting worlds, is the new, high-tech, extreme-pressure optimized lubricant that takes fishing reels to the next level.

ReelX is a breakthrough lubricant based on Corrosion Technologies’ revolutionary CorrosionX core Polar Bonding technology, with a package of extreme pressure additives specifically engineered to make your fishing reels achieve their ultimate performance. ReelX sticks to metal like a magnet, so it cannot be easily displaced by pressure, friction or moisture. It lubricates under extreme loads and high temperatures. Not only does ReelX lubricate better, because it is bound to the metal on the molecular level, it lasts many times longer than conventional fishing reel lubricants. As long as ReelX is present on metal, it can’t rust or corrode!

Although ReelX aggressively deters corrosion, it is entirely safe on monofilament, braided line, plastic or PTFE, ensuring it won’t damage any part of your fishing equipment. It’s safe on electronics and completely shuts down electrolysis between dissimilar metals. ReelX is as gentle on the environment as it is your equipment. Unlike other reel lubes on the market, the volatile organic content (usually abbreviated as VOC or VOCs) of ReelX is ZERO. Others can be as high as 50 percent or more. ReelX contains no wax, tar, silicone or other solids, so it will never gum-up.

ReelX is the choice of the U.S. Longcasters team, giving them the edge they need to excel in distance casting competitions. Aided by the performance-enhancing properties of ReelX, the U.S. Longcasters team routinely executes casts over 260 yards. Many of the world’s top fishing reel manufacturers have recognized ReelX’s abilities, choosing it as their factory lubricant. Accurate Fishing Products, Bauer Premium Fly Reels, Inc, Electric Fishing Reel Systems, Okuma Fishing Tackle Corporation and ZeeBaaS, LLC are among those that won’t deliver a reel to a customer until it has been enhanced with ReelX.

Get the most out of reels by treating them with Corrosion Technologies’ ReelX. Casts are longer, reels run smoother, and stay looking new longer. ReelX comes in a one-ounce bottle with a tapered spout for precision application, at home or on the water.

ReelX Performance
* Improves reel performance
* Displaces moisture
* Stops/prevents rust and corrosion
* Will Not Harm Plastic, PTFE or Monofilament
* Used by the U.S. Longcasters Team to routinely execute casts that exceed 260 yards

Used By Top Reel Manufacturers
* Accurate Fishing Products
* Bauer Premium Fly Reels, Inc
* Electric Fishing Reel Systems
* Okuma Fishing Tackle Corporation
* ZeeBaaS, LLC

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