Charters Opening Up on Lake of the Woods

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 May 22nd, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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COVID – 19 and Lake of the Woods… Many Good Options

charter boat, Lake of the Woods MNThis week the Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz and his staff announced charter boats are once again allowed to operate starting June 1st. This is great news for many Lake of the Woods resorts as charter boats are a integral part of their resort and offer visitors options and the opportunity to access Lake of the Woods safely, effectively and with very high fish catch rates.

Why are charter boats such a great option?

No worries. Just step aboard and most everything is taken care of. The Coast Guard licensed charter captain will lead your adventure in search of walleyes. Rods and reels, bait, jigs, lures and really most everything you need for a fun and successful day on the water is provided. All you have to decide is what to wear and what to eat. In fact, when you come off of the water, the guides will even clean your fish. In many cases, the resort will even cook your fish! Now this is living.

Fishing the NW Angle

Both the U.S. and Canada extended the border closure another 30 days to June 21st. With that being said, there are various options in traveling up to the Angle. Normally, you can drive there through Canada and back into the U.S. at the Angle. With that option not available for the time being, people can boat over. With that being said, you need to have a very seaworthy boat and an experienced boat driver as the trip is around 30 miles across Big Traverse Bay of Lake of the Woods.

Most will go across in the morning when the winds are down. As always, it needs to be safety first. For some, it shouldn’t be advised. For others, no big deal.

There are a number of resorts on the south shore offering parking if you are headed to a NW Angle resort. Arnesen’s Rocky Point on the west end of the lake. At the mouth of the Rainy River, Wigwam and Border View Lodge have said they are happy to help NW Angle guests.Lake of the Woods MN map

Sportsman’s Lodge offers a transport service up to the Angle. You can load up all of your gear and people traveling on a charter boat and they will transport you across to the NW Angle resort you are staying. In some cases, people will have the transport boat haul the majority of the party along with gear and follow behind. Lots of options.

The fishing on the Minnesota side of the NW Angle is excellent. During the summer months, anglers have a lot of water to choose from loaded with options and a variety of fish. Walleyes, saugers, pike, smallmouth bass, jumbo perch and even some big muskies live in the Minnesota waters adjacent to the Angle.


It was also announced that camping will re-open on June 1st. Lake of the Woods has a myriad of good camping options. The resorts and lodging community that offer camping have a variety of setting form on the water, in the woods or a little of both. Check out our resort lodging page for more info.

Staying at hotels and resorts

For some time now there has been options as resorts and hotels have been operating and serving guests with their own boats. Many safety precautions have been implemented to keep both guests and employees safe. If you have your own boat, many excellent fishing opportunities exist right now. Anglers are catching limits of walleyes and saugers. Pike and bass are also very prevalent but take a back seat to the walleyes.

WIGWAM RESORT, Lake of the Woods Many of the resorts are offering take out meals. Simply order off of their menu. Some guests choose to cook their own meals. Some like eating out on vacation. Others do both. Lots of options up at Lake of the Woods.

It is a wonderful time to come to the area. The fish are biting, fish frys are delicious as ever and memories are still being made, even during this unique chapter of life we call COVID – 19.

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