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 Aug 13th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Canvas Cutter Dominator 2.0 Bedroll Discover the Best Outdoors Sleep System Period

Load. Go. Dominate. The Dominator 2.0 Bedroll is Canvas Cutter’s ultimate outdoors sleep solution. Ultimate in its completeness, materials, design, comfort, generous size, and extreme durability, The Dominator 2.0 is perfect for any backpacking, hunting, fishing, or camping adventure, but excels in the most rugged applications where a good night’s sleep used to be hard to come by. The Dominator 2.0 is available as a bedroll only or a bundle, which includes Canvas Cutter’s dense, high-quality foam pad, and your choice of Canvas Cutter’s Standard Pole or Full-Length Pole Systems. Both are compatible with Canvas Cutter’s The Mesh screened liner accessory for an open-air or highly ventilated sleep experience that locks out annoying insects and other creepy crawlers.

The Dominator 2.0 Bedroll possesses the same proven and reliable features and construction as the Canvas Cutter Fortress 2.0 Bedroll, in a slightly larger size. Measuring a generous 34 inches wide with a sidewall height of 17 inches, the Dominator 2.0 is 84 inches long and weighs just 8.65 pounds. The Dominator 2.0 Bedroll is built on a fortified foundation of extremely durable 12-oz. canvas that is dual-treated to defy both water and mildew with a breathable polyurethane coating on the inside that ensures comfortable and dry sleeping. All seams are double stitched for longevity, then precisely taped for additional water and weather resistance.

The Dominator 2.0’s heavy-duty YKK zipper is resilient against mud, dirt, and other elements. It features four zipper pulls that facilitate smooth operation for ingress and egress, as well as critical ventilation for temperature and airflow regulation. Built-in ventilation covers provide protection from the elements when vents are open. The bedroll also features robust nylon cinch straps and quick-release buckles with a tensile strength of 1,700 pounds for secure packing and transport.


Dominator 2.0 Bedroll Features & Specs

• Main Material: 12-oz. canvas treated for water and mildew resistance
• Breathable polyurethane interior coating for next-level water resistance
• Seams are double stitched and heat-taped to keep the elements out
• Four zipper sliders for easy ingress and egress from either side, as well as airflow and temperature regulation
• Easy-to-use Standard or Full-Length Pole System (included with Dominator 2.0 Bundle)
• High-Quality Dense (2 lb. per cubic foot) Foam Pad (included with Dominator 2.0 Bundle)
• Zippers: #8 YKK with YKK zipper sliders and guards that operate smoothly in dust, sand, or mud
• Straps: 1700-pound tensile strength nylon with quick-release buckles and easy-to-carry handles for efficient set-up, pack-up, and transport
• Width: 34”
• Sidewall Height: 17”
• Overall Length: 84″
• Rolled Dimensions: Approx. 34” wide X 12” diameter (nothing inside)
• Weight: 8.6 lbs.
• MSRP: $529.97 (Dominator 2.0 Bundle) / $349.97 (Dominator 2.0 Bedroll only)

Some of the best outdoor adventures are in the hardest places to reach. Ensure a great night’s sleep once you get there – or anywhere along the way – with the Dominator 2.0 Bedroll or Dominator 2.0 Bedroll Bundle, Canvas Cutter’s ultimate outdoors sleep system, available exclusively at canvascutter.com.

About Canvas Cutter
At Canvas Cutter, we believe every thread counts. We craft reliable, high-quality, durable gear for passionate Load Go Dominate outdoors enthusiasts. We specialize in reinventing timeless pieces of gear, simplifying them, and improving them to be more functional in outdoor applications while significantly increasing comfort and utility. Learn more at canvascutter.com.

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