AQUA-VU: Great Value with Upgrades

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 Jun 11th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Jun 11th, 2020 at 5:54 PM

Mobile (Underwater) Gaming for Your Boat

Upgrades, great value make Aqua-Vu® micro 4.3 Stealth™ the perfect Dad’s Day Gift

Crosslake, MN (June 10, 2020) – You never know what’s living right beneath the planks of the dock, or hovering beneath the hull of the moored pontoon, or hiding within the limbs of the downed willow tree. You won’t know about some of the most fish-rich areas of the lake, that is, unless you deploy your underwater optics. To the fish themselves, artificial overhead cover provides the most obviously comfortable, appealing territory in any neighborhood, regardless of the lake. And in many lakes, given ample depth, these hotspots can harbor great numbers of bass, crappies and other fish across multiple seasons. The trick lies in identifying exactly where the fish are hiding and how they’re positioned relative to the cover.

As anglers of every skill level continue to discover, spying on fish with a quick and easy drop of an Aqua-Vu camera provides instant answers and reveals new fishing spots you’ve likely overlooked for years. Doesn’t matter if you operate a 20-foot bass boat, paddle a kayak or captain a party barge pontoon. Keeping an affordable Aqua-Vu micro Stealth 4.3 on board adds whole new levels of enjoyment while on the water.

Kids and grandkids have a ball exploring under the waves with the handheld camera—the size and operation with which they’re already well familiar. (Think of it as a mobile gaming device for the lake.) Even the more experienced angler gains valuable intel from the colorful fish swimming across the Stealth’s 4-inch video display.

Upgrades to the 2020 Stealth system include a brighter, higher-resolution 4” LCD and a magnetic, self-aligning charging port, which doubles as a video-out for connecting to larger recording or display devices. The charging port is also IP67 waterproof, eliminating worries about raindrops and occasional splashes. Connecting the Aqua-Vu micro camera to monitor, 50 feet of ruggedized cable is marked with depth indicators in 1-foot increments for precise deployment. The backside of the display sports an integrated cable wrap for tidy management of extra camera cable. Standard equipment on all micro 4.3 Stealth systems is an Adjustable Trolling Camera Fin with clip-on ballast weight, as well as a special Ice Fishing Camera Clip for hardwater use.

The Aqua-Vu micro Stealth 4.3 is the most affordable and portable underwater camera available today.

With June 21 fast approaching, the Aqua-Vu micro Stealth 4.3 (MSRP $239) could be the coolest—and most frequently borrowed—Father’s Day Gift you ever received. For more information visit www.aquavu.com.

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