2020 Spring Bay Resort OutdoorsFIRST Media Outing Recap

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 Aug 30th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Aug 30th, 2020 at 2:55 PM

2020 Multi Species Spring Bay Resort Summer Outing

2020 Schedule

Big Fish Board a couple days into the event.

Chuck and Janie Schwamb have been doing well on walleyes and crappie.

Dockside Demo With Matt Seifert of Musky Mercenary Guide Service


Big Fish for OFM’s Keith Worrall on Tuesday night

What a crazy afternoon on the water at the Outdoorsfirst Spring Bay Resort outing on lake Vermilion. Saw a short lower thirty inch class fish earlier in the afternoon and just when I was talking about how do these damn fish get so big in here when they never eat this giant slammed my Violent Strike Spinnerbait about 7 feet from the boat. It was dark and I had no head lamp on so when she sucked in my spinnerbait I actually thought it was a low 40” class fish until I set the hook and the rod loaded up and she didn’t even budge. Awesome close quarters fight and my buddy Andrew Golden put her in the net. Giant in the bag baby! Beat my personal best by a quarter of an inch. 52 3/4 on the board. What a tank!

Tuesday Fishing Report with Andrew Golden

A few pictures sent in from Ladd Wildeson. Ladd took home the trophy for the biggest pike category with a 38 incher. Congratulations Ladd!

Vermilion Crappie Tips With Keith Worrall
Tips on catching big crappies on Lake Vermilion Minnesota!

Wednesday Fishing Report


Steak dinner was yummy

Big Walleyes with the Haley’s

Couple of pics sent in from Todd Clanin. Beautiful 43 incher Todd!

Andrew and Keith took a few minutes to chase some panfish in between muskie fishing and tore em up pretty good most fish came in 6 to 8′ of water just inside the weed edge. Fish were caught on a Kenders jig tipped with a Muddy Water Baits Tail and 1” Berkley Gulp Alive minnows.

Lake Vermilion Muskie tips with Matt Snyder!


Congratulations to Mickey and Lesa Allen on catching there personal best crappie! Mickey also took home the big fish trophy in the Crappie Category as well as the traveling trophy. Nice work you two!!!

Final Big Fish Entries from the event

Final day fishing report from the Outdoorsfirst Media Spring Bay Resort outing.

Top Big Fish Trophy Winners!

Kern Fellas Bigggest Bass with a 18” Large Mouth.

Ted Abear Biggest Walleye with a 281/4”

Ladd Wildeson 1st Place Northern Pike with a 38”

Bill Ellerman 1st Place Musky of the event with a 46 1/2”

Mickey Allen 1st Place Crappie With  a 15”

Top 5

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