Tips for Finding Bucks and Hunting Them – Deer & Deer Hunting TV, Full Episode

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 Feb 11th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  341

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http://www.deeranddeerhunting.com What matters the most to bucks: food, does, cover or safety? While each factor is important in their own ways, all are equally critical to bucks. Once a buck finds all four, you can bet he’s going to stick to that area. The key for your hunt is to locate where those four factors overlap. Your odds of spotting Mr. Big go way up after that. Learn more in this full episode of Deer & Deer Hunting TV. How to find big bucks is the first question on many hunters’ minds, but that process needs to start with those four factors first. It’s not about walking into the woods, throwing up some trail cameras and hoping to catch a glimpse of the bucks in the area. Focus on identifying where the food, does, cover and safety are located instead. That means not getting discouraged when a few does come through on your trail cam instead of Mr. Big. That’s evidence that you can match to a bigger picture. This approach works even in public land hunts, where scouting opportunities ahead of time can be limited. Go to where the deer feel safe, such as protected pockets away from other hunters or areas difficult to reach. When everyone looks left, go right, so to speak. Keep watching for more about these imperative deer hunting strategies in this episode of Deer & Deer Hunting TV.

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