Shed antler hunting is a rite of spring

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 Apr 1st, 2019 by Keith Worrall  377

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Shed whitetail deer antlers are one of spring’s prized rarities, and with the right amount of time, effort and luck, nature provides ample opportunities to find them.

While picking up a shed of any kind is a real treat, finding a matched set — particularly of trophy caliber — is an extra special blessing.

Though I’ve been fortunate to nab a few matched sets in my years of scouring, nothing compares to the massive set I discovered on public land in March 2010.

On a cold, rainy Saturday afternoon, something stirred inside of me. Perhaps it was the memory of a dear friend — lost in an automobile accident two years earlier, nearly to the day. Maybe it was the crummy weather, or the long winter stuck inside.

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