Missouri managed deer hunt application period opens July 1

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 Jun 17th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  243

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Missouri sells deer hunting licenses “over the counter.” Anyone who meets the legal requirements to deer hunt can simply purchase a license and go. In other states, like our neighbors Illinois, Iowa and Kansas, non-resident hunters and sometimes residents, too, must apply for deer hunting licenses and hope to be lucky enough to draw a tag.

Be thankful Missouri has shunned the chance to chase big dollars. Instead, we have very affordable licenses for both residents and non-residents, thus allowing more people to hunt.

However, while Missouri is an over-the-counter license state, there are some hunts that take place in our state each year that do require hunters to apply and hope to be drawn. This year, more than 100 different managed hunts will take place from mid-September through January. These hunts open the gates to normally protected properties, such as conservation areas, state parks, national wildlife refuges and urban parks, to hunters.

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