Interested in Participating in The Southwest Wisconsin CWD, Deer and Predator Study?

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Are you interested in participating in the Southwest Wisconsin CWD, Deer and Predator study?

You’re in luck! The Wisconsin DNR invites you to join them this spring as they comb the woods and fields of southwest Wisconsin in search of fawns.

From Saturday, May 18th to Wednesday, June 5th, the field crew of the Southwest Wisconsin CWD, Deer and Predator study will be out searching our study area in Dane County, west of Highway 78 and north of Highway 18, for newborn fawns to fit them with radio collars. And we need as many helping hands as we can get!

Volunteers will hike alongside DNR research staff to collar up to our goal of 100 fawns.

We set out every day during the fawn survey, rain or shine, from the Dodgeville DNR Service Station. We have two shifts every day, one starting at 7:30 AM and another at 1:30 PM.
Whether you have an interest in deer, wildlife research or just getting outdoors, we encourage you to join us!

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers will help us locate fawns as we comb across fields and woods. They may also help staff collar and weigh fawns if they choose. This is a great opportunity to take photos of fawns up close and to spot other wildlife.

Anyone over the age of 12 may participate, though minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Where is the fawn survey taking place?

The fawn survey takes place only within the study area of the Southwest Wisconsin CWD, Deer and Predator Study in Dane County, west of Highway 78 and north of Highway 18. The search is part of the study’s field work, and there are no other fawn searches operating in Wisconsin.
All volunteer shifts begin and end at the Dodgeville DNR Service Station. Fill out our online form to sign up for a shift!

Why are we collaring fawns?

Fawn survival is an important metric for understanding the health and growth of the herd.

Our goal is to collar 100 fawns. Then we’ll follow their progress into early fall.

The collars we use are elastic and designed to expand as the fawn grows. Around the fawn’s first birthday, the collar will fall off.

It’s (hard) rewarding work!

Fawn searching is hard work. We cover six miles each shift, and the going is sometimes strenuous. We cross over uneven terrain, through dense cover and across streams.

We recommend long pants and hiking boots or athletic shoes that can get wet. Unscented sunscreen is permitted, but insect repellent, perfume and all fragrances are not allowed in order to limit the amount of scent transferred to fawns during handling.

Can’t volunteer but still want to help?

Anyone who sees a fawn within the study area during the entire months of May and June can call 608-935-1940 to report the sighting.


For more information on the Southwest Wisconsin CWD, Deer and Predator Study, visit us online.

Email AnnaKathryn Kruger ([email protected]) with questions about volunteering.
We look forward to seeing you in the field!

The Southwest Wisconsin CWD, Deer & Predator Study crew

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